If you are planning on moving some of your possessions into self storage did you know that storing.com offer self storage collection and delivery services and that our collection service is free of charge, depending on your location and rental period.

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Our smart storage is a storage with collection service and it’s very simple – saving you time, money and effort.

First you do the packing of smaller items into boxes (we can also provide boxes and packing materials if you need them) then we’ll come to your home or business premises at a time that suits you. We usually collect and deliver Monday – Friday between 7.00am and 12 noon. Our professional 2-man team will arrive in one of our fleet of lorries and on-board we will have one or more of our 12 sq ft or 35 sq ft portable storage units.

The team will do all the heavy lifting and carefully place your furniture, white goods, boxes and any other large items or equipment into the storage uni.t

As part of the collection and delivery process your storage unit will then be security sealed in your presence and driven straight to our secure storage facilities with a temperature optimised environment. We also provide blankets for extra protection of furniture during transit. And that’s it – your possessions will be safe and secure in the storage facility until you need them again.

If you are not sure how many storage units you need just give one of our highly experienced, friendly storage advisors a call and they will help you work out how much extra space you need – they are experts so you won’t have to guess how much space you need, and nor will you be paying too much for space you don’t need.




✓ We come to you to collect
✓ We do the packing and loading
✓ We provide the van and fuel
✓ Prices Fixed for 1 year
✓ Storage in secure facility







✓ You borrow or hire a van
✓ You load your vehicle and drive to the store
✓ You load your goods into the unit
✓ Prices Fixed for 1 year
✓ Storage in secure facility





Call our friendly collection and delivery team on 08000 641 642 to find out how much storage space you need and get a price for the right storage unit for your storage needs.

Collection is completely FREE for storage periods of 6 months or more for 12 and 35 sq ft units from collection addresses in London and in our free collection zones outside London (Surrey, Essex, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire).

Our own extensive fleet of trucks complete with 2-man teams collect daily from London and surrounding counties so even if you plan on storing for less than 6 months, or you live outside our free collection zones, we can still offer low transport costs. With our collection and storage services no need to hire a van and do all the lifting yourself – everyone can benefit from our professional home collection and delivery to our secure storage facility. We make the whole process of collection and storage easy and pain free.

Safe Storage and Delivery

When the time comes to take your belongings out of your temporary storage unit we make the process just as easy and hassle-free. Just notify one of our friendly storage experts who will assist you in the process and advise you of storage pickup and delivery options, if required. Our delivery service is optional but is available to all customers at our very competitive rates and could save you the time, cost and effort of hiring a van and picking up your own possessions. 7 days’ notice is required for deliveries back to your door.

For our delivery service we use only our own, professional 2-man teams and our own fleet of vehicles so you can be sure your belongings are in safe hands.

A flexible, cheaper alternative to traditional self-storage


Chat to a helpful storage advisor about our storage with pick up and delivery now on 08000 641 642

Already using another self storage provider?

Are you currently storing items in long-term storage at another London self-storage provider and paying too much? Our Switch & Save offer includes collection of your items at short notice from you current London storage company and a secure delivery service to one of our convenient storage facilities where your storage unit will be kept securely. You can take advantage of lower prices than most self storage companies without the hassle of moving items quickly yourself. Let our collection and delivery teams do all the hard work for you…

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Storing.com is a leading storage collection company with always low prices, fixed for 1 year and with a simple pricing structure so you know exactly what you will be paying for our storage services. See how you could save money with our Switch & Save offer.




Top Packing Tips To Help Protect Your Fragile Items

When you are moving house the last thing you want to find after all the stress and cost is that some of your favourite delicate items have been damaged or broken because they weren’t packed carefully. But this needn’t happen if you spend some time making sure everything is packed in the best way. Follow our top packing tips and all the hassle of a move will be worth it when everything arrives at your new home in perfect condition.


Use Sturdy Boxes for Packing Smaller Items


If you use flimsy boxes items can easily fall out of the bottom. There’s a good reason why removal companies and self storage companies sell sturdy boxes and why they are top of the list of packing tips; quite simply they protect your stuff no matter how many items you have. They won’t get crushed if other boxes are stacked on top of them.


So the best thing you can do to protect your possessions is use really sturdy boxes then make sure they are properly taped up with strong packing tape. Note that we recommend taking valuable items with you during any move.



Storage Collection and Delivery for Moving House
Self Storage When Moving House


Use Plenty of Padding To Protect Fragile Items

No matter how strong your boxes are your fragile items still need plenty of padding for added protection, and that doesn’t mean just a couple of sheets of newspaper. Items in boxes will shift around if they are not packed properly as they are being transported: out of one home, into the van, during the journey, and then into your new home. So make sure they have no room to move by cushioning them well with plenty of newspaper, or bubble wrap and even your own sheets, towels or cushions if they are awkwardly shaped.


Clearly Label Every Box On All Sides

It’s only when you have moved house without labelling that you realise how important it is, but take our word for it, you don’t want to arrive at your new home late in the day, tired and stressed and not able to find that particular box that has something in it that you need right now. (BTW you do know that the kettle, tea, mugs, snacks, toiletries and bedding you need for the first night should go in the car with you?) So label everything with large, clear labels on all sides of the boxes so you can always see a label; state the room the box should go in and its contents. Clear labelling is just as important if you need to store some boxes temporarily.


Remember To Use This Quick Checklist

If you want to follow our top packing tips, this is what you need of you are to pack your fragile items carefully and give them the best chance of arriving unscathed at your new home:


  • Good quality boxes
  • Strong packing tape
  • Plenty of padding: paper, bubble wrap, also make use of towels, sheets, cushions etc
  • Large stick-on labels
  • Thick black and red felt pens


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Pro Tip: Make A Packing Plan For Your House Move

Find out how to make a packing plan for your belongings for an organised house move that avoids anything getting lost or broken in transit to your new home.

A Box marked Fragile for a House Move

Moving house is not easy, but there are lots of things you can do during a house move to make the process as easy as it possibly can be. Packing is one area of moving house where the way you approach the task will have a big influence over how stress-free and successful you are.

Tips to help you get an effective packing plan in place:

For a head start on packing with ease, take a look at these tips to help you get an effective packing plan in place:

Don’t Put Off The Packing to the Last Minute

It is important not to put packing off until last minute because it will take a while and so, you do need to allow time. As soon as you know you are moving you can plan when you will pack different rooms or items. Areas where the items contained aren’t used much can be packed much faster than rooms used a lot, like the kitchen. The sooner you begin, the less rushed packing will be towards your moving date.

Create A Packing Schedule And Commit To It

Writing down a schedule of when different areas will be packed is a really good way to ensure you avoid wasting any time. It is also a great way to ensure that you commit to packing when you need to, and don’t put the tasks off.

How To Pack

Prepare For Packing Each Room

Ensure you have the right packing materials for the room ahead of time and get into the habit of labelling absolutely everything. You can’t label enough when it comes to packing! If some items are being moved into self storage with our collection and delivery option then ensure boxes are clearly marked as ‘for storage’. Lastly, ensure that you have a time limit for packing that room in full.

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Utilise a Self Storage Unit To Make The Move Go More Smoothly

A self storage unit is really useful with a packing plan because it means that you can pack and move items into storage to effectively clear your house out. Plus you can store furniture and larger items if you want to stage your house for sale to make it look more spacious. Full service storage is also handy for moving if you wish to hold items in either short-term or long-term storage whilst you renovate a new home, or whilst you downsize temporarily. Better still we offer a collection and delivery option for the same price as standard self storage.

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