The 10 Best Retirement Locations In The UK

Find out about the best retirement locations in the UK and why they could be a great choice for the next chapter of your life. Retiring in the UK can be a local affair. You place your belongings into affordable self storage, you downsize or go on a later-life gap year and enjoy yourself in ... Continued

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The Four Most Common Reasons For Neighbour Disputes (And How To Resolve Them)

Find out the most common reasons why neighbours fall out and how to resolve the problem if you find yourself having your own dispute for any of these four reasons. Neighbour disputes happen all the time, but there are four gripes that tend to be more likely to cause an issue in the neighbourhood than ... Continued

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7 Ways To Win Over A Rude Neighbour

If you’re struggling with a rude neighbour, it could be time to go on the charm offensive and try and get things sorted out. This article has lots of ideas to help you do this.  Rude neighbours can be rude because you’ve clashed with them in the past, they might have always been frosty, or ... Continued

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Why 36% Of Us Don’t Have A Clearout Until We Feel Annoyed By The Clutter In Our Homes

Find out what stops so many of us struggling to have a clearout of our homes, rather than decluttering to earn a bit of cash and win our square footage back. Statistics released in 2022 uncovered the fact that over 36% of us do not have a clearout until we have negative feelings about the ... Continued

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10 Ways To Deal With Smells from Your Neighbour

Find out how to deal with unwanted smells from your neighbour’s property without causing a rift in your relationship with them. Anything can cause a disturbance between homes – visually ugly things we have to see, music, shouting or pets we have to hear – these are common issues between neighbours that cause problems. One ... Continued

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white cate distressed by moving house

6 Common Reasons Pets Hate The Moving Process (and what to do about them)

Find out about why a pet may  with the moving process and how to help minimise their stress.   If your pet seems to be struggling with the moving process, there are lots of reasons this could be happening, and a lot you can do to stop it too. Let’s take a look at 6 ... Continued

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Why We’re Spending More Money Than Ever Before On Houseplants

Find out why homeowners are spending more money than ever before on houseplants and their accessories. As it stands the average Brit is spending £300 a year on house plants and in America, some millennials are even spending as much as their rent on plants, investing $100’s of dollars at a time on leafy pals. ... Continued

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A Quick Regional Guide To House Prices

Find out the average house prices in different areas to gain an understanding of the overall UK housing market. Are you looking to move to a new area? Would you like to invest in a property somewhere cheaper than where you live now? Are you hoping to upgrade somewhere that houses are increasing in value ... Continued

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Moving with a pet - a cat moving house

6 Ways To Deal With A Nosy Neighbour

Find out what to do when your neighbour is infringing on your privacy and you want to take steps to try and keep things separate in your day to day life.  A nosy neighbour is a bit of a given in the UK, because it is natural for us all to want to keep an ... Continued

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General Self-Storage Tips

These are not your usual self-storage tips but will make your life a bit easier if you are storing stuff in one of our units - and might even make you smile

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