moving house checklist - printable version

Moving House Checklist

Read our new, updated Moving House Checklist for everything you need to do in preparation for a house move. Or, better still, print out a copy to keep with you to help you plan for a stress-free move. Keep reading or just skip to the end and download the printable version. 1.   Plan and Organise: ... Continued

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Entrance to self storage facility bedford

A Speedy Guide To Wapping As A Place To Live

Are you thinking of moving to Wapping? This handy and quick guide will help you learn more about this amazing place. Wapping, on the North Bank of the River Thames, is a desirable location for anybody who wants to enjoy being based in a premium residential area that is an easy walk into the capital. ... Continued

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Hassle-Free Storage We Collect, We Store, We Deliver

Moving To Canary Wharf – A Speedy Guide

If you are thinking of moving to Canary Wharf, this guide will give you a quick overview of area and all it has to offer. Canary Wharf is an exciting, vibrant part of London that plays home to many different banks and organisations, some of which hold their UK headquarters in the area. It is ... Continued

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How To Use Self Storage For Your Micro Camper

Find out how to use affordable self storage for the good of your micro camper life. Around 50% of us would love to own a camper van, but for many people the investment in a £10,000, £15,000 or more fully ready camper is not possible. What many people are choosing to do instead is to ... Continued

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warm neutrals - living room interior design

5 Ways To Make More Space At Home

Find out 5 easy ways to create more space in your home easily. Making more space at home is something many people want to do. Whether it is more space for a baby, more space for a home office, or simply getting back space you already have by changing the way you use any particular ... Continued

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8 Security Features To Look For In Business Self Storage

Find out which business self storage security features you should look out for when choosing a facility. The economy is very challenging at the moment, and according to statistics, around 20% of small businesses are failing in their first year at the moment, and over 60% don’t make it past three years. As a business ... Continued

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the ultimate guide to moving house

The Ultimate Guide To Moving House

Moving house is an expensive and stressful event in our lives - some of the costs you will face cannot be avoided, such as taxes and legal fees, and neither can some of the stress be avoided. But you can minimise the stress in many ways and also cut down on some of the costs.

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How Can Office Based Businesses Benefit From Safe Self Storage

Find out about self storage and how it can benefit office based businesses in many different ways. Office based businesses can be in any industry – from ecommerce, to construction, communication services and more. Most businesses need some sort of office space. What you may not know is that most office based businesses can benefit ... Continued

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home interior belgravia

What is a Minimalist Home?

The aim of a minimalist home is to create a calm, stress-free environment – something that many of us with busy modern lives would appreciate. But somehow, rather than being seen as calm spaces, minimalist homes are often viewed as uninviting, and considered particularly difficult to live in comfortably with a family. But is this ... Continued

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living in London near Shoreditch

Relocating from the UK to the USA

More and more British people are relocating to the USA with their employers as businesses become more internationally focussed. Moving to a new country is a major step but when your company handles the relocation they will have the expereince to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible. When being relocated to the USA ... Continued

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