Essential Tips For Moving To London

Find out useful tips to help you move to London with less stress and more efficiency, leaving you room to enjoy this huge change in pace.   Moving to London is not something people do lightly. That is because it is expensive, it is a  fast pace of life, and it is a real change from ... Continued

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Self Storage for Moving House

9 Ways To Make Your Home Hygge Today

Find out how your home can be a lot more Hygge right now, with these effective 10 tips you can apply to your decor straight away. Hygge is pronounced ‘hoo gah’ and is a Danish term which relates to being comfortable and happy, cosy and content. It can apply to all areas of your life, ... Continued

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How To Be Green With Self-Storage

Find out how to combine your green, eco-friendly values with your need for additional storage space, with useful tips, information and advice. Going green isn’t just something reserved for people attending barefoot festivals like it used to be, now we have all caught up with the fact that the responsibility for our planet belongs to ... Continued

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7 self storage tips

Self Storage Advice To Help You Make The Most Of Your Space

When you invest in self storage with Storing.com you will be getting an unbeatable price for extra storage space for your personal belongings or business items, but it still makes sense to make the most of your space and only pay for what you really need.   Here’s how to make the most of every ... Continued

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Self Storage for Business Startup

Growing Your Business With Self Storage

If you really want to expand your business but feel restricted by costs and commitments, business self storage could be the option for you. It's cheap, flexible, easy and leaves you completely in control - here's how.

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Why Your Startup Doesn’t Need A Physical Office

Find out why your new business venture can succeed without the expensive overheads associated with a physical office space. When you think about starting a business and employing people you might envision a small office space with employees interacting and exchanging ideas and hopefully winning successes in the growth of the company. However, this kind ... Continued

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Moving House Checklist

Self Storage For Business: It’s Time You Re-claimed Your Office Space

Find out how you can re-claim the space in your office using self storage, plus many other benefits you never knew you could get from using self storage for your business. Running a business costs a lot of money and that doesn’t change even if you are frugal, amazing at tracking the incomings and outgoing ... Continued

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Composting for a better environment

8 Ways To Make Your House Move Better For the Environment

If you care about the environment, the chances are you want to be green in everything you do, not just in day to day life. If this sounds like you, you might be interested to know that moving house can actually have quite a significant effect on the environment. Packing, cleaning, using moving vehicles, exchanging ... Continued

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Your Mini Guide To The Best Car Boot Sales In London

Car boots can be great ways to buy and sell everything from clothes to antiques. Here are some of the best car boot sales in London to inspire your Sunday morning plans. Car boot sales are a great way to make a few quid of a Sunday if you have lots of clutter to get ... Continued

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10 Tips to Help You Choose The Most Secure Self Storage Unit

These 10 tips will help you choose the most secure self storage unit to keep your treasured belongings in. Cheap self storage is a great idea for lots of businesses and domestic users. It means flexible contracts, more room at home or in your office, the ability to expand or grow your business, flexible use ... Continued

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