warm neutrals - living room interior design

6 Exciting Interior Design Trends

Sprucing up your pad? Take some inspiration from these 6 design trends. If you’re getting ready to spruce up your home you might want to checkout these 6 top design tips for inspiration: 1. Regenerating Chic Swedish minimalism still reigns as a favourite design palette in many homes. Rather than finding comfort in more stuff, ... Continued

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Self Storage When Moving House

New Year, New Renovation Plan

Tips and information to help you make a renovation plan for the New Year, so you can feel totally ready for the work you plan to do on your home.  In the New Year, some of us will be trying to lose weight, some will be trying to quit smoking, some will be trying to ... Continued

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get more organised and reduce the stress in your life

Get More Organised and Reduce The Stress In Your Life

Juggling work, family and home commitments can result in very dis-organised homes and lives that can become stressful as a result. But taking the time to get more organised can reduce the stress of busy modern living.   If the home environment is crammed full of belongings that are no longer used on a regular ... Continued

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Loading portable storage units on back of van

How To Make The Most Of Staying Put As House Prices Set To Drop

Find out how to embrace your house right now, as selling up might have to be put on hold for a while.     According to various headlines house prices are set to drop, leading lots of people who had planned to sell up and move, to rethink things and stay put instead. The problem is, you ... Continued

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A home office

How To Downsize Your Belongings

Tips, tricks and information to help you downsize what you own for a more minimalist and clutter-free life. There are many reasons that you may need to downsize what you own. Perhaps you are moving to a smaller house, maybe you are going on a road-trip adventure to live the RV lifestyle, perhaps your children ... Continued

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Self Storage for Business Startup

New Year, New Business?

Read about starting a business in the new year and how cheap self storage could be a great help to keeping those initial costs down. The New Year brings with it the hopes and dreams of many people hoping to make this their year for success. Often New Years resolutions revolve around things like losing ... Continued

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house sales that fall through every year UK

Why Have There Been Double The Amount Of Company Insolvencies In The Last Year?

Find out more about the higher number of insolvencies over the last year and how to protect yourself against that happening. Statistics tell us that there have been double the amount of company insolvencies in the last year. A large reason for this happening is the extra companies that have found themselves unable to continue ... Continued

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Home security image

How Self Storage Can Help You Protect Yourself Against Fraud And Computer Misuse

Find out how a simple business service can help you to protect yourself and your business from fraud and computer misuse. A report from the Government has shown that despite certain areas of crime reducing in the last few years, incidents of fraud and computer misuse have risen. This kind of crime can be incredibly ... Continued

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house sales that fall through every year UK

Why Do 300,000 House Sales Fall Through Every Year?

Find out why over 300,000 house sales fall through annually and how you can avoid that happening, or work around the situation if it does arise.   Roughly 300,000 house sales fall through every single year. The most common reasons for this happening are issues with mortgages (no doubt made a lot worse since political ... Continued

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A sofa

7 Top Tips For Selling Your Unwanted Belongings Online

Looking to sell your unwanted belongings? It’s a great idea to sell them online, and these 7 tips will help you do that quickly and effectively. Are you hoping to sell unwanted items from your garage, cheap self storage unit or home? If you are, we have seven great tips to help you get it ... Continued

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