10 Ways To Deal With Smells from Your Neighbour

Find out how to deal with unwanted smells from your neighbour’s property without causing a rift in your relationship with them. Anything can cause a disturbance between homes – visually ugly things we have to see, music, shouting or pets we have to hear – these are common issues between neighbours that cause problems. One ... Continued

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white cate distressed by moving house

6 Common Reasons Pets Hate The Moving Process (and what to do about them)

Find out about why a pet may  with the moving process and how to help minimise their stress.   If your pet seems to be struggling with the moving process, there are lots of reasons this could be happening, and a lot you can do to stop it too. Let’s take a look at 6 ... Continued

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Why We’re Spending More Money Than Ever Before On Houseplants

Find out why homeowners are spending more money than ever before on houseplants and their accessories. As it stands the average Brit is spending £300 a year on house plants and in America, some millennials are even spending as much as their rent on plants, investing $100’s of dollars at a time on leafy pals. ... Continued

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A Quick Regional Guide To House Prices

Find out the average house prices in different areas to gain an understanding of the overall UK housing market. Are you looking to move to a new area? Would you like to invest in a property somewhere cheaper than where you live now? Are you hoping to upgrade somewhere that houses are increasing in value ... Continued

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Moving with a pet - a cat moving house

6 Ways To Deal With A Nosy Neighbour

Find out what to do when your neighbour is infringing on your privacy and you want to take steps to try and keep things separate in your day to day life.  A nosy neighbour is a bit of a given in the UK, because it is natural for us all to want to keep an ... Continued

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Change The Soundscape In Your Home Office For A Relaxed Working Day

Find out how to change the sound in your home office space for a more relaxing and productive working environment.   Are you working from a home office in 2022? Noise pollution is known to cause us to feel more stress, struggle with sleep and we may even have issues with our hearing with prolonged ... Continued

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A startup

10 Things You Definitely Need When You’re Moving House

Read all about the things you definitely need when you’re moving house. These things won’t take the stress away, but they will definitely make the move easier. Moving house is a really stressful time, and you can’t really do anything about that, because there isn’t a way to stop there being at least some level ... Continued

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Self Storage When Moving House

How To Store A Mattress In 5 Simple Steps

Find out how to store a mattress household item so that it stays in great condition. Mattresses are not cheap items to buy even at the lowest of prices and realistically, most people can’t afford to be replacing them all the time. As with most items for the home, they have to be cared for ... Continued

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Garden party - drinks and glasses

How To Pack Mirrors Or Pictures For A House Move

Find out the best way to pack mirrors and pictures for a move to ensure they stay intact and avoid breakage. Mirrors and pictures are some of the most vulnerable household items when it comes to accidental breakage and damage that can happen during transit and storage. This can cause a real mess and even ... Continued

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5 Tips To Prepare Your House For A Garden Party

If you’re having a garden party this summer, this article will help you get your house ready so you don’t have a lot of mess after all the fun ends. Often when we hold a garden party the preparation focus goes on the garden rather than the house. Making it look beautiful, doing the weeds, ... Continued

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