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How to de-clutter your home in five easy steps

Over time we all accumulate possessions which clutter our lives; filling our cupboards, garages and attics to the brim. If we are honest our homes are filled with things that we neither need nor want. This guide will show you how to de-clutter your home quickly and efficiently causing minimum disruption in the process. Over ... Continued

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What Is Self-Storage Good For? Absolutely Everything.

Advocates of minimalism might argue that no one needs a self-storage unit and we all simply need to de-clutter. But many people do not want to throw out old treasured possessions but live in houses that do not have adequate storage space. Self-storage is not necessarily a cheap option for storing your possessions long-term but ... Continued

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Take Control of Your Clutter

We all like to think we could lead a calmer, less stressful life if our homes and offices were less cluttered. And it’s true – if everything is stored neatly away and we only keep the things we really need then it’s easy to find the things we do need and so life is calmer. ... Continued

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Commercial storage for new startup business

The Issue of Space in New Build Homes in the UK

Brand new houses or apartments can be a very tempting proposition for house buyers with their sparkling new fittings and contemporary open plan spaces. Even the smallest new homes have at least two bathrooms and in the UK where, traditionally, period homes have always achieved a premium price, the appeal of new build homes is ... Continued

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A DIY Guide to Moving House

If you are fortunate enough to be moving house soon, no doubt you will be excited, but you will also have started to realise just how expensive all the moving costs will be. So how can you keep moving costs down and hopefully have something left over to stamp your mark on your new home. ... Continued

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Motorbike Storage Tips

Snow covered ground is not the place to be riding a motorcycle so when winter comes bikes will have to be stored away. But what is the best and safest way of motorbike storage? For motorbike enthusiasts who live in cold northern climates, where snow covers the ground for much of the winter, it is ... Continued

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Packing and Storing Awkward Items

Not all items that need to be packed into a self-storage unit are regularly shaped. Many such as sports equipment need to be carefully packed to avoid damage. Whether you are packing up the complete contents of your home, seasonal items, business stock or just clutter you cannot bear to part with in order to ... Continued

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Why We Still Require Document Archives and Storage

The paperless office predicted back in the 1970’s still seems a long way off as organisations are required to store more and more document archives for legal or regulatory reasons such as privacy laws. And whilst many documents can be stored electronically for ease of management and tracking, the requirement to store the physical paper ... Continued

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Putting Your Car into Long-Term Storage

There are many reasons for putting a car into long-term storage – usually it is only worthwhile for a vintage or prestige car that will not be used for many months. Or it may be a vintage car that is only used occasionally in warm weather or one that has been bought as an investment. ... Continued

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8 Tips For An Easier Life As A Remote Worker

We all know the benefits of working remotely – freedom to choose your living location, choose your own schedule, meet lots of new people, experience new cultures – the list goes on. Of course, nothing great comes without some sort of compromise, and working remotely is no different. There are plenty of niggles to work ... Continued

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