How To Protect Your Garden Furniture Over Winter In The UK

Find out how to protect your garden furniture from winter weather in the UK to keep it in great condition ready for warmer times in the future.   Winter is a time when we all tend to snuggle up inside, and forget about the outside of our properties for some time. There are however, a ... Continued

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Why Climate Controlled Self Storage?

Find out why self storage can be even better at keeping your things in good condition with climate controlled self storage. Self storage is a flexible, helpful and convenient service that helps both domestic and business customers enjoy extra storage space at affordable rates. When you look for self storage you might look for the ... Continued

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Self Storage During The Global Covid-19 Pandemic: Your Questions Answered

If you have questions about self storage during the Covid-19 pandemic this article will help answer at least some of them, or direct you where to go next with your enquiry. Covid-19 has affected every country, every person and every business in some shape or form. Whether you are an individual who has concerns about ... Continued

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3 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From A Cheap Self Storage Unit

Find out three important ways that your business can gain from the affordable, flexible benefits of a self storage unit. Lots of people associate cheap self storage with domestic use only and for good reason too. It can be so useful when you need to make room for a new baby or pet. Or for ... Continued

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cheap self storage for Londoners

How To Organise A Self Storage Unit Being Used To Help Settle An Estate

If you are using a self storage unit to help settle an estate for a loved one, these tips can help you organise it efficiently. Although we might have the best intentions of planning our estate before we pass, sadly, it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, even when we do plan our estate and leave a ... Continued

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Loft storage

Starting A New University Semester? Here’s How To Get Your Stuff Out Of Storage

Find out how to get your things out of self storage easily as you finish the holidays and start a new semester. In between semesters many students choose to store their belongings in cheap self storage. Doing this has many advantages including: Avoiding the need to take everything home between semesters Saving money on accommodation ... Continued

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7 Health And Safety Tips For Your Next Moving Day

To help your next moving day run smoothly without anybody having an accident, here are 7 health and safety tips. When it comes to moving house, all we really want is for everything to run smoothly. We want all our belongings to get to the new property in great shape, and we don’t want anyone ... Continued

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7 Easy Ideas For Decorating A Rental Property

7 easy to follow ideas for people decorating a rental property, looking to make the space their own. If you rent a property, you have a bit of a challenge when it comes to decorating a rental property. You want the space to feel like your own, but you’re restricted by the rules of your ... Continued

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Make Space Or Relocate? 5 Things To Consider

If you’re not sure whether to make more space or relocate, we’ve got some pointers to help you.  In life many people are faced by this issue at some point – your home simply doesn’t have the space you need anymore. Perhaps your family is expanding, you’re working from home now, or you’re simply unable ... Continued

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where to retire in the UK

Are You Retiring? Self Storage Can Help

Find out how self storage can help you simplify your life and make room for adventure as you work towards retiring. If you’re retiring, congratulations! This is a huge milestone, and you’ve many adventures awaiting you. If you, like many, plan to start new hobbies, downsize or even travel in your retirement, you might like ... Continued

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