Self Storage Price Comparison Chart

Self storage prices are per week including vat. Correct as of June 2023. These prices are the standard rates from each company excluding any introductory discounts they may offer. Discounts vary between providers.

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12 sq ft

Rent a 12 sq ft storage unit for 6 months and pay just £257 with compared to £516 with SafeStore – and that’s including their 50% discount for the first 8 weeks.

That’s a saving of £259 with at a guaranteed fixed price! You can also save if you move from Big Yellow or Shurgard to…

35 sq ft

Rent a 35 sq ft storage unit for 1 year and pay £1,123 with compared to £2,424 with Shurgard – that’s including their 2 special offers of 1 month for £1 and 1 month at 50% discount.

That’s a massive saving of £1,301 with at a guaranteed fixed price! You can also save if you move from Big Yellow or SafeStore to…

100 sq ft

Rent a 100 sq ft storage unit for 1 year and pay £2,948 with compared to £7,350 with Big Yellow – that’s including their 50% discount for the first 4 weeks.

Compared to Big Yellow that’s a huge saving of £4,402 with at a fixed price!

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FREE collection available for all rentals of 12 sq ft or 35 sq ft storage units for 6 months or more from locations in London, Surrey, Essex, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.

For shorter rental periods and all other areas we offer discounted collection rates.

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* FREE collection available for all rentals of 10 sq ft or 35 sq ft size self storage unit for 6 months or more from locations in London, Surrey, Essex, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. For shorter rental periods and different areas of the South East, or the East Midlands and West Midlands, we may be able to offer discounts on our collection rates.

Storage unit prices compared at:
Big Yellow E1W 2BX – FIRST 8 WEEKS 50% DISCOUNT. Prices exclude padlock, deposit, insurance
Safestore W11 1TX – FIRST 8 WEEKS 50% DISCOUNT. Prices exclude padlock, deposit, insurance
Shurgard N7 9LG – 50% DISCOUNT FOR 1 MONTH & 1 month for £1. Storage prices exclude padlock, deposit, insurance

storage collection in London

How much does a self storage unit cost?

The cost of storage in the UK will vary depending on the size of the unit and type of unit you need, and location of the storage facility. Additional costs might be incurred if you need 24 hour access or regular access. These factors can all affect the average cost per square foot. As a guide to self storage prices, for a 2-bedroom apartment you will need between 50 sq ft and 70 sq ft in most cases, which would cost £43.20 per week for the larger size at a self storage facility.

Or for a 3-bedroom house you will need about 100 sq ft which is £56.70 per week at a self storage facility. The self storage cost per square foot will be more than double that with the big national storage providers, even when they offer the first month free of 50% discounts over periods of time. The easiest way to get the average cost of a self storage unit is first decide on your storage needs, then get several quotes so you can compare prices and get the best deal. Price per square foot varies by storage unit size but is usually cheaper in larger storage units or container storage located outdoors. Many storage providers offer a different type of storage unit depending on requirements, and these large storage units are perfect to store furniture, large appliances, garden equipment and garden furniture storage, plus other bulky items. Many facilities have onsite parking, covered loading bays and a forklift service for larger items so you can take advantage of the lower price per square foot.

Here are some more examples to help you estimate how much room you’ll need, but call one of our experts for advice on which size of storage unit is right for you, and an accurate storage cost if you are unsure. Reach us on 08000 641 642.

A 10 square-foot storage unit is our smallest unit and is similar in size to the boot of an average estate car. It’s great for storing a few items safely and securely, and is perfect for students to store their stuff in between terms or academic years. It’s also great for startups that just need a bit of extra space for stock or equipment.

The 50 sq ft and 35 square foot storage unit is one of the most popular sizes at a typical storage provider. It will hold about the same amount as an average garden shed. It’s a really useful size for decluttering your home, or storing stuff while renovating or redecorating a room. It can easily hold a single mattress, an armchair, sports equipment and boxes. It’s also useful for start-ups that need extra space for stock or equipment. The cost of self storage is also cheaper than warehouse or office space.

A 70 square-foot storage unit is large enough to hold the contents of a two-bedroom house or apartment. It’s ideal if you’re moving house and can store a mattress, bookcases, tables, dining table, a sofa and appliances into this space. This helps keep moving costs down. For business storage there is plenty of space for desks, chairs, files and box storage. These units have high ceilings so can hold more than you might think.

A 140 square foot storage unit is about the same size as one and a half garages so it’s large enough to hold the contents of a three-bedroom house – sofas, tables, beds and large kitchen appliances – as well as box storage. This much space is ideal when moving house or doing large scale renovation projects. And, the storage unit cost per square foot is cheaper the larger the unit so that can be a way to avoid additional storage costs in the UK.
How much does self storage cost?

How much does self storage cost? The simple answer is that it depends on your needs, but let’s look at what factors are involved at most storage providers so you can get an idea of average costs…

The price of storing your things with a self storage company depends on how much space you need, the specific storage location, and how long you will need to store them for. Additional costs might be incurred if you need 24 hour access or regular access. These factors can all affect the average cost per square foot. Another most important factor related to self storage prices is the replacement value of your items, as this affects contents insurance costs. So when considering how much does self storage cost you need to take each important factor into account. UK self storage prices differ by region and the average storage costs will always be more expensive in major cities so look for out-of-town storage with a collection and delivery service to avoid additional storage costs. Our team will arrive at you home or business premises at an arranged time and load your items into a portable storage unit already on our van. Or consider outdoor container storage as a great option to cut costs. If this suits your storage needs you can rent double the space for the same price as an indoor unit with no additional costs involved.
For box storage or furniture storage we would recommend indoor storage, which has greater protection from the weather although the average storage costs will be higher.

Here are the national averages reported by the SSA’s UK annual industry report as weekly costs in the UK (including VAT):

Avg. Prices* Weekly
London £39.67
South East £27.92
South West £23.44
East of England £27.78
North of England £20.52
Midlands £18.85
Scotland £25.25


*The self storage prices above are National Averages reported by the Self Storage Association (SSA) and include VAT. Most self storage providers charge different amounts depending on storage location and whether they offer extra services, such as covered loading bays. Availability and optional services all affect the cost of self storage in your area. Remember there will be additional costs for packaging supplies and insurance cover appropriate for the replacement value of your items. Here at there is no need to pay a deposit but a deposit might be required elsewhere.

What factors impact self storage prices?

Self storage prices depend on 4 main factors:


  • the size of the storage unit you need


  • how long you will be storing your possessions


  • value of your possessions for insurance purposes


  • location e.g. self storage in London, the South East and other larger cities will always be more expensive than local self storage facilities.

Although smaller city centre locations and residential areas can also have higher average costs depending on availability. But there are ways to avoid additional storage costs by using a free collection & delivery service like the one we offer to store on the outskirts of the city instead of in Central London or another city centre. It’s just like a removals service without the higher moving costs.

The price of self storage can have large regional variations, but, as a guide, below we provide national averages reported by the Self Storage Association (SSA), including VAT in the UK annual industry report. A different self storage facility can charge a different storage price depending on location, availability, if they have a covered loading bay, and even if you need 24 hour access or regular access. This will affect the price of self storage in your area. Most storage facilities also offer extra services that come with additional costs so that can affect the average cost per square foot. There are also optional extra costs not included here to consider, such as packaging supplies (such as bubble wrap and boxes) and insurance cover. Something else to consider is whether you need your own locks such as a padlock or barrel locks. Most people prefer to supply their own locks.

Average Cost of Self Storage in London

The price of self-storage in London is more expensive than anywhere else in the UK so keep price per square foot down by using an out-of-town storage facility that offers a collection and delivery service. As an alternative, most storage companies will offer convenient drive-up container storage located outdoors with onsite parking, for which self storage prices are cheaper than indoor units. For comparison, here are self storage prices based on the latest figures reported by the Self Storage Association (SSA) in the UK annual industry report.


Avg. Prices* Weekly Monthly
25 sq. ft. £19.07 £82.66
35 sq. ft. £26.70 £115.72
50 sq. ft. £38.15 £165.30
75 sq. ft. £57.22 £247.96

indoor self storage at

*The self storage prices above are National Average Cost and are the latest figures reported by the Self Storage Association (SSA) in the UK annual industry report. These costs include VAT and are given for typical square foot unit sizes. Please note that this is just the average cost per square foot and self storage prices differ considerably across regions of the UK. Most storage facilities offer different services that come with additional costs and there are also optional extra costs not included. For instance, do they offer packaging supplies (such as bubble wrap and boxes) and insurance. These factors all affect the range of storage options and average cost of self storage in your area.

Top Reasons To Use Low-Cost Self Storage

We could all do with a little more storage in our lives! And with the average cost of self storage units more affordable than ever, plus multiple storage options, let’s see how you could benefit from local storage facilities.

Take a look at these reasons why people and businesses may need to additional storage space and why a self storage unit from one of the many reputable storage companies could be the answer:


1. Moving House

It’s not always possible to move out of your old home and into your new home on the same day. This is particularly true if you are relocating a long distance away and the removal company may suggest overnight storage. That’s where a temporary storage unit can help for as little as you need it – with a short minimum rental period – or for longer periods. For any length of time, self storage is cheaper than using your removal companies storage facilities so you can keep your moving costs down.


2. House Renovations

Even fairly minor renovations to a home can generate dirt and debris that you want to protect your personal belongings from. Other renovations can put whole rooms out of action for weeks or even months so using cheap self storage to keep your smaller items safe and well-protected makes sense.


3. Downsizing

If you are moving into a smaller home it can be difficult to decide what to keep and what to dispose of. It’s a big decision when possessions may have a lifetime of memories. So why not defer the decision until you are settled in your new property by temporarily storing items safe in self storage units until a later date. Reputable storage companies offer flexible contracts so that when you need to store furniture and other different things you own, they are kept safe until you are ready to make those big decisions. However, please note that costs per year can mount up so don’t put these decisions off forever. Being able to store for longer periods of time doesn’t necessarily make that the best option.


4. Having A Baby

Expanding your family can mean that you need an extra bedroom and maybe that spare room is currently full of furniture and more things you no longer need. Many things you may even have forgotten you owned! But if you have plans to move to a bigger house in the near future you may not want to dispose of that “stuff”. So it makes sense to place a few things in secure storage for a short time until you can find a new permanent space for your growing family. Most companies offer flexible contracts with a low minimum rental period.


5. Decluttering

Decluttering sometimes needs to be done quickly, especially if you are moving house or have inherited a house you need to sell. Self storage companies provide a useful temporary home to keep everything until you have time to sort through everything and decide what to keep and what to donate to charity or dispose of.


6. Space for Hobbies

Some hobbies and sports can come with really large pieces of equipment. With low self storage prices you get a personal storage space to keep the gear safe in a unit size to suit you, until you next get to enjoy it, without breaking the bank. Check local self storage facilities to be sure their units are large enough if you have over-sized equipment.


7. Between University Terms

It may be that you are moving house between terms, or you’re moving to a new student rental in the next academic year but you don’t want to take everything back with you to your parents’ home. Placing your items in a student storage unit means that they are safe and secure until you return to university again. The low costs of self storage per square foot make it less expensive than hiring a van or shipping stuff back home.


8. An Online Retail Business

Online retail businesses often start off by using storage space in the founder’s home or garage for their stock. But as a business grows and more stock is required this can be impractical. It also prevents businesses from benefitting financially via bulk purchases of stock that they can sell on to the consumer at a higher price. A self storage provider can help online businesses to securely store their stock at low storage prices. Many even provide post handling services, accept deliveries on your behalf from suppliers and other extra services depending on specific storage location.

If you are moving house, the best way to keep all the costs down is by considering a storage collection service rather than a removal company.
Contact us or speak to a member of our expert team on 08000 641 642 to find a self storage unit size that is just right for you.
Check the price of self storage and get a no obligation quote for the perfect storage solution, specific storage location and the best price…


10 Tips to Make the Most of Self Storage

Some of the more unusual self-storage tips to make your life simpler and more organised whether you are storing for the short term or long term.

1. Handy tools

Keeping some basic stuff such as screwdrivers, a hammer, pliers and a utility knife around will pay-off when you need to remove something from your unit that needs re-assembling.


2. Map it!

No need for a treasure hunt each time you want to retrieve something from your unit. Simply scribble a basic map, pointing out locations for all those items you might need again. It doesn’t have to be a work of art, just a simple sketch will be really helpful. Then tack it to the wall and let your memory work hard elsewhere.


3. Dress for success

As it turns out, this works for beds and furniture, too. Simply cover and pad with protective materials designed specifically for them to help ensure they stay in perfect condition – just make sure you never use plastic covers as they can trap humid air underneath which can damage mattresses and other soft furnishings. Most self storage facilities with either provide or advise on the most appropriate covers for your personal belongings.


4. If walls could talk…

They’d say, “Welcome new boxes, but could you give us at least an inch of breathing space.” All will co-exist peacefully if you keep this distance in mind for proper air circulation when positioning boxes and larger items in your own storage units.


5. Divide and conquer

Allow for a clear path down the centre of your unit, placing items along the walls for easy access. Yes, you will want to reach the back part again — you know, for that thingamabob that goes with the thingamajig. And you won’t want to unload everything to find it.


5. Think “Front”

That is, plan to keep your frequently used items at the FRONT of your unit. Obvious really but we just had to say it… because we’ve seen what happens when you have to unload everything and unpack everything if you don’t.


7. Think “stack” when you pack

Make the best use of your space by stacking to the ceiling! To do this safely, pack heavy items at the bottom of boxes to provide a stable base, then place the heaviest boxes at the bottom of the stack. Voila! And, you do know, you can stack other large items like beds, for instance, upright so they take up far less room.


8. Fume less

Drain the fuel tanks of lawnmowers, hedge-trimmers and leaf blowers before storing. Removing nasty fumes means you’ll never be angered by your oak dresser smelling like a lawnmower. Plus it makes good sense from a safety perspective.


9. Tip-toe is a no-no

Only bad things can happen when you’re tempted to over-reach. It’s not worth the risk of injuring yourself or damaging your own possessions. Instead, keep a folding step-stool inside your unit for accessing items stored above your head and forever hear only sweet words spoken inside your unit.


10. Storage within storage

Use any vacant interior space in cupboards, wardrobes, drawers and even the fridge and freezer for anything that fits to make storing smaller items easier. Books, lamps, tech, cushions, kitchenware etc. can all be stored in the space within other items… It’s almost like getting another storage unit free of charge! Just don’t forget when unloading to remove these items first .


You may have a rough guide of how much self storage space you need but let us estimate exactly how much extra space you’ll need to rent in square feet so you get the best size of storage for your needs. We provide estimates for new customers and existing customers switching to a smaller or larger unit.
Contact us or speak to a member of our expert team on 08000 641 642 to find the right self storage unit size. We also advise on other factors such as the security offered at our facilities, minimum rental period, packing materials and the insurance policy you may need. Also whether you can use your existing home contents insurance to cover household items whilst in storage. That way you can make an informed decision. Another big factor is whether you need your own padlock or own locks of other types such as barrel locks.
Check our range of storage prices and get a no obligation quote…



Services to Expect from the Best Self Storage Facilities



Maintenance & Care

It is important that the storage facilities you use are clean and well maintained. If it isn’t then your belongings could be at risk of mould, weather damage and other issues. You can trust facilities to always be clean and well-maintained.



Domestic and business storage offers security of a higher standard than most homes and offices. CCTV cameras, security lights, various lock points, security guards, 24/7 reception and more are all included when it comes to self storage prices.


Customer Service

You should expect staff to always be polite, friendly, efficient and helpful in any way they can. Most services include advice on numerous related aspects of storage such as packing materials and packing tips. And we are always happy to estimate the amount of square feet you will need to keep your costs as low as possible by renting the right size unit.



One of the very best aspects of self storage is the fact it is so flexible. Please note that our contracts are flexible so it’s very easy to move from a bigger to a smaller unit or vice versa, to ensure your storage cost is as competitive as possible.

If you have too much stuff, discover the cheapest storage units to rent in a specific storage location. Find the best option that keeps the cost of self storage affordable for your needs. All with no hidden fees.


lowest self storage prices

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