Is Now A Good Time To Move Out Of London?

Read about relocating from London and how that could look for you, so you can decide if this big change is a good idea for your family.


London is the capital of the UK, and for good reason. It is the city that never sleeps, and is home to over nine million people. Millions of people also visit London annually, because there are shops, eateries, amenities and more around every single corner.


For some people, though, it is time or a change. London has a lot to offer, but there are lots of reasons this urban utopia is not the perfect place to call home for some Londoners. Some people might want to raise a family away from the capital, other people are struggling with loneliness and want a chance to be part of a community, and make new friends. All of that being said, it isn’t a small decision or an easy decision to make. When you have lived somewhere where something is always going on, it can be a challenge to know if it is a good time to move out of the capital. To leave behind somewhere so exciting.


In this article we will have a look at the pros and cons of moving out of London right now, to help you decide if it makes sense for you in the near future:

Is Now A Good Time To Move Out Of The Capital?


Considering whether or not now is a good time to move out of London is a really big deal. It takes a lot of thought, over both the pros and the cons, so that you have fully weighed up what it could mean for you, and you go into any decision fully informed.

The Pros


More For Your Money


The cost of living is higher across the world, but London was already more expensive anyway, so the cost of living is extra elevated in the big smoke. Add to that the fact that the houses are very expensive per square foot, and it starts to become very appealing, financially, to look elsewhere. You get so much more for your money in every way, almost anywhere else.


Improved Quality Of Life


London has a lot going on, but not everyone wants to be around all that hustle and bustle. For all that London has in activity, liveliness and chaos, it lacks in natural spaces, quiet and a sense of community. Many people who move out of London report an increased sense of wellbeing, particularly if they move to a location where there is a lot of an element they felt they were missing. Somewhere with a lot of social opportunities, for example, is great for people who felt lonely when living in London.


A Better Living Space


If you have endless money then you might be able to enjoy a property with a green space in London. However, most people do find they have to live in smaller spaces to match their budget, even if they take advantage of local self storage services.

Living outside of London means you can get much more for your money even if you just move a short distance to the Home Counties. This can be totally transformative when it comes to your lifestyle. This is especially true for people who want to start a family. There is room to properly settle down and spread out for much less money, not to mention the ability to park a family car with ease.


The Cons


London Is Not Right On Your Doorstep


Although access to London is fantastic from the Home Counties and further afield because of the train network, moving away still means not having London on your doorstep. You might need to adjust to there being a time when everything nearby is closed, or not being able to walk to buy pretty much anything. For many people, adjusting to not being in London can take time, because it is so convenient and something is always happening.


Selling Might Be Slower


If you do own a property in London you might find the property market is a little bit slower when it comes to selling. Lots of people really want to move out of London since the covid-19 pandemic ended, because there is a strong desire for a better quality of life. You will sell your home, of course, but it could take a little longer because others are doing what you want to do.


Buying Might Be More Tricky


As we mentioned above, lots of people want to move out of London since the pandemic. What this also means is that certain areas have become even more desirable to those looking to move from London to somewhere with a better quality of life. The Home Counties, for example, have great proximity to London whilst also offering access to lots of beautiful countryside, and many people want to get a piece of that pie, pushing property prices up in that area.

The same can be said for Cornwall, which experienced over a 200% increase in property searches during the height of the pandemic.

If you want to move to a place that is popular with other Londoners looking for a change, you might need to be ready to pay a little more.

Is Now The Right Time For You To Move Out Of The Capital?


As you have seen above, there are pros and cons to moving out of London. The most important thing you can do to make sure you make the right decision for your family, is to do your research and think really carefully before you make a change.


In some cases, small adjustments could be all you need. If you lack space, for example, renting a London self storage unit could be all you need to boost your quality of life and still reap the rewards of living in London. However, in some cases, London just cannot offer everything a person needs. Sometimes, relocating has to happen and can offer a wonderful new start, leaving the big smoke behind.


Do your research, take your time and hopefully you’ll come to the right decision, taking the next step towards this exciting new chapter, either remaining in the excitement of London, or spreading your wings and setting up a new dream further afield.

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