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Why Couples Need To Compromise On A New Home

Find out why couples need to compromise on a new home so they share a common dream, and avoid disagreements during the house buying process and afterwards.   In many parts of the UK it has become harder and harder to get on the property ladder with average house prices up to 9 times average ... Continued

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focus on wellness for a new start

Focusing On Wellness For The Best New Start In A New Area

Find out about feeling well in your body and mind when you move to a new area. By focusing on wellness for the best new start you will learn to embrace and love your new home.   Moving to a new area, whether it is all the way across the country, or just down the ... Continued

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Do I Need a Solicitor To Sell a House In The UK?

Learn about the role of a solicitor in selling a house, whether you can skip their services, and the benefits of using one for a smooth property sale.   Selling a house in the UK, or indeed anywhere, is a major event requiring professional legal assistance. Your home is also likely to be your largest ... Continued

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couple discussing compromise on new home

Do Couples Need To Compromise On A New Home?

Find out more about compromising when it comes to buying a home together, for the best possible purchase for both of you.     Buying a house together as a couple can be so exciting, and a really lovely milestone for two people to achieve together. However, it requires compromise. Do couples need to compromise ... Continued

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wellness in a new home

Combatting Loneliness When Moving To A New Area

Learn about recognising and combatting loneliness when you move to a new area, with helpful information and tips to help you feel more at home.   Moving to a new area can be such an emotional rollercoaster. The high of a fresh start, a brand new property and new beginnings – it’s a hotbed of ... Continued

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Can I Sell My House To My Son For £1

Discover the different aspects of selling your house to family members for as little as £1, including potential implications for everyone involved.   Have you ever wondered if you can give your house to your child for just a pound? You’re not the only one. Many parents think about doing this, and wonder if it’s ... Continued

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Are Houses A Good Investment?

  Is investing in houses in the UK a good idea? Check out the pros, cons and other considerations to help you understand whether a house in the UK is a good investment for you.   The idea of owning a house in the UK seems like a good idea. A place to call your ... Continued

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How Do I Start Saving For A House?

Read practical steps, strategies and insights to help you get started on your journey saving for a house so you can to own your own home.   86% of people would rather own their own home than rent, and yet the rate of home ownership in England has declined 71% since 2003. Fewer of us ... Continued

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a decent house - semi-detached made of brick

How Much Is a Decent House In The UK?

In this article we’re going to take a look at what one might consider a ‘decent house’, as well as the potential costs of that kind of property depending on where you live in the UK. We briefly explore different house prices across the UK and learn more about finding a good property for your ... Continued

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Which Part Of The UK Is The Best To Buy A House?

The answer to that question is dependent on so many personal factors that there is no one, definitive answer. However, we can help with Information and insights about different parts of the UK and its varied housing market, including tips on choosing the right area for your individual needs.   Buying a house is such ... Continued

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