Are The Home Counties Best For Older Home Buyers?

Explore the draw of the beautiful Home Counties and all the reasons they make sense for every age of home buyer, not just the elderly.


Are the Home Counties best for older home buyers? The short and quick answer is no.


The Home Counties are beautiful counties packed with gorgeous architecture, nature, community feel and exceptional eateries, shops and educational facilities. They also provide exceptional access to London. For this reason, the appeal of the Home Counties extends far beyond any specific age group or buyer. The Home Counties make sense for any person who is wanting a lovely life in the countryside within easy reach of London.


In this article we will explore what makes the Home Counties an inciting option for anybody seeking a slice of rural paradise whilst staying connected to the big smoke:

First Things First: Where Are The Home Counties?


The Home Counties are the areas surrounding London in the South East of England. Usually you will find Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent and Surrey included on the ‘Home Counties’ list, but sometimes areas a little further afield, but still within good proximity to London, are included.

The Appeal Of The Home Counties: A Balanced Life For Everyone


Although plenty of older people do move to the Home Counties for the various benefits each county offers, in reality the many benefits of this part of the UK attract all kinds of house buyers. There is so much on offer, the Home Counties certainly aren’t just a retirement community friendly place, they offer plenty to every age group, including the following benefits:


Bundles Of Countryside 


The Home Counties offer a countryside lifestyle that is beneficial and attractive to all age groups. There are marshes, wetlands, forests, rolling hills, rivers, crags – you name it, you will find the type of nature you want in the Home Counties. There are Areas Of Outstanding Natural Beauty galore, which is miles away from the concrete jungle of London. Plenty of Londoners are flocking to the Home Counties to enjoy the abundance of nature on their doorstep, rather than compromising with miniature urban gardens and the restricted natural diversity of the London Parks.


Excellent Proximity To London


Londoners who work in London move to the Home Counties because they want a beautiful, countryside life whilst still being able to get into London with ease. From some locations in the Home Counties like St Albans in Hertfordshire, and Windsor in Berkshire, you are less than half an hour to London by train. The train networks are well setup to get commuters to and from their central London location to the Home Counties at speed. Even better, the road networks are also fantastic, so if you do want to drive, most roads across the Home Counties will get you onto the London road network. Even if you don’t work in London, having such great proximity to the capital is still appealing. Endless eateries, shops, activities, culture, museums – it is the city that never sleeps, so of course any person of any age would want to benefit from being within easy reach of it.


Diverse Property Options


The Home Counties are well known for having picture-perfect older properties like thatched cottages, stone cottages and character homes with beautiful old gardens. There are also modern properties, flats, apartments and other options for people who want something that has been built a little more recently. These diverse property options mean that anybody can find a property they love in the Home Counties. Even better, despite some areas like Virginia Surrey demanding over £1.6 million for a home on average, what you get for your money is substantially more than you get in London for the same amount. More square footage, better quality of life etc. Your investment is in a balanced life with lots of access to nature, amazing amenities and any part of London, at speed.


Sense Of Community


People love the Home Counties for their sense of community, something that can often be missing for many, when it comes to living in London. 8% of Londoners on average experience severe loneliness, and for those people, the appeal of the community feel of the Home Counties is really inviting. Many areas have their own close knit community, including a connection with local businesses, various community projects and investments in local culture. Who wouldn’t want to be closer to that kind of welcoming feeling in their local area?


General Quality Of Life


The Home Counties offer easy transport to London, easy access to nature, and all kinds of amazing history, cultural events and locations, a sense of community and easy connection to the rest of the UK. You get an amazing quality of life living in these counties, and this can benefit any households, from a single career focused twenty year old, to big families with young kids, and older retirees looking for a change. The quality of life in these areas is high, and that appeals to absolutely everyone.


Urban And Rural


You can choose to be right in the middle of the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle and enjoying all the frills of green surroundings. The Home Counties has masses and masses of lush, beautiful natural countryside and you are never short of places to explore in any weather. However, if you don’t want a completely rural life, the Home Counties also have lots of urban housing options for you to consider. You can be right near busier towns and cities with instant access to bars, clubs, shops and amenities. You don’t have to live the quiet life when you move to the Home Counties. Additionally, with such great proximity to London from the Home Counties, you’re only ever a quick train ride away from the city that never sleeps, and the city that never gets boring.


Is The Home Counties Somewhere You Would Like To Live?


The Home Counties is a great choice of living location for older people, but it also has a lot to offer every other age group, too. Affordable and diverse housing, a welcoming community, all kinds of nature, history, culture, transport – the Home Counties have is all. Will it be somewhere you consider moving to in the future? It could be the perfect place for you to get an exceptional level of quality of life, in com

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