Being Organised When You Live In A Small Space

Find out about the best way to ensure your small living space is as organised and liveable as possible, with tips, information and guidance. 

A well organised small space home office

Living in a small space is kind of a given in this day and age. The rising cost of houses means that many people have to live in smaller spaces they can afford. Many people are choosing to live in small spaces because they want a simpler life. Of course, there are also lots of people living in tiny spaces in London, because that is all they can afford.

Small spaces though, don’t have to mean you compromise on living quality. In fact, you are more likely to make the most of the space you have because there is less of it. Just think about camping and well you utilise a space you can’t even stand up in!

With small spaces in mind, take a look at these top tips for staying organised in a small space:

Always Declutter

Decluttering is a once a year thing for many households, but in a tiny property, it is something that has to happen more often. Everything added has to have meaning and purpose, otherwise it is using up precious space. Be ruthless and purge, purge, purge.

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Zone Spaces

Zoning is usually something done in open plan homes. It is where using clever visual tricks and accessories you assign a function to different spaces within the same area. Doing this in a small home is so important, and useful. You can find out more about zoning small spaces here.

Make The Most Of Storage In The Home

For items you do need, storage is really important to keep them neatly put away until you need them. Get creative with ceiling hanging storage, wall space and multi-functional furniture. A certain Swedish company is wonderful at presenting innovative ideas for storage.

Consider Storage Outside Of The Home

If your home is very little and you don’t want it filled with essentials like sports equipment, seasonal goods or other non-essential items, then it could be worth looking into London self storage. London self storage (or storage near to your home) is really useful for providing an extra bit of space for storing non essential items. So the space under the bed that used to be taken up by the Christmas tree, or the closet that used to store your skis can now be used for more practical items and needs.

Focus On The Details

Learning a new way to store mugs, a better way to organise your food or investing in multi-functional piece of furniture can be a life-changer when you live in a small space. The smaller details combine to create an organised space. Take some time learning from others and you’ll be surprised how much of a difference the details can make.

Use Big Thinking To Create The Most Organised Small Space

You may live in a small space but you can use huge thinking to make it organised and wonderful. Minimalism, hygge, feng shui and small home living are all excellent research areas for you to look into. You’ll be making the most of your small space in no time!

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