dog sitting on armchair in new home

Keep Pets Happy When Moving House 

Find out how to keep pets happy when moving house to avoid accidents, help them settle in, and so they feel happy, safe and loved throughout.    Moving house is known to be one of the most stressful things we, as humans, can go through. But did you know that it can also be incredibly ... Continued

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Pastel coloured houses in Notting Hill

Your Essential Guide to Buying And Renovating An Old Home

Find out everything you need to know about renovating an old home, including tips on storage, purchasing, budgeting and planning. The Essential Guide to Buying And Renovating An Old Home Although there are lots of amazing new builds available to buy in the UK, many people still prefer an older build. For many, buying and ... Continued

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business types that benefit from self storage

10 Small Business Types That Would Benefit From Self Storage

Find out about 10 small business types that would benefit from a self storage unit.   Small businesses can benefit from affordable self storage in many ways. It’s flexible, affordable, accessible and free from a lot of the heavy commitment associated with office or warehouse contracts. Realistically, every business could benefit from some cheap storage ... Continued

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Easy ways to declutter

10 Very Easy Ways To Declutter Your Home Today

Find out how to declutter your home easily so that you can enjoy more space and less stuff – maybe even a bit of extra cash, too!   Decluttering is a quick and easy way to make more space in your home, getting rid of items you no longer want or need. Of course, it ... Continued

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store clothes carefully for long-term storage

5 Steps To Storing Clothes Better

Find out how storing clothes with more intention can create more functionality and usability of your clothes storage space.   Clothes are something that we all need, and something many of us enjoy collecting, putting together and wearing to express ourselves. For that reason, it’s nice to store them well, in a way that makes ... Continued

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move house because of neighbours

Bad Neighbours Cause 1 In 10 People to Move House

Find out why 1 in 10 people have moved house because of their neighbours, and ways to keep good relations with your own neighbours.   According to a study about problem neighbours, nearly 1 in 10 people have moved house because they did not get on with their neighbours. The same study showed that disturbances ... Continued

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cost savings self storage

How self storage can help families and businesses save money

Self storage has become a popular solution for individuals and businesses in the United Kingdom looking for flexible, cost-effective storage options. With the rise in popularity of self storage, many people are discovering the numerous cost savings that come with using this type of storage. One of the biggest cost savings of self storage is ... Continued

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Self Storage When Moving House

New Year, New Renovation Plan

Tips and information to help you make a renovation plan for the New Year, so you can feel totally ready for the work you plan to do on your home.  In the New Year, some of us will be trying to lose weight, some will be trying to quit smoking, some will be trying to ... Continued

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get more organised and reduce the stress in your life

Get More Organised and Reduce The Stress In Your Life

Juggling work, family and home commitments can result in very dis-organised homes and lives that can become stressful as a result. But taking the time to get more organised can reduce the stress of busy modern living.   If the home environment is crammed full of belongings that are no longer used on a regular ... Continued

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A home office

How To Downsize Your Belongings

Tips, tricks and information to help you downsize what you own for a more minimalist and clutter-free life. There are many reasons that you may need to downsize what you own. Perhaps you are moving to a smaller house, maybe you are going on a road-trip adventure to live the RV lifestyle, perhaps your children ... Continued

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