10 Very Easy Ways To Declutter Your Home Today

Find out how to declutter your home easily so that you can enjoy more space and less stuff – maybe even a bit of extra cash, too!


Decluttering is a quick and easy way to make more space in your home, getting rid of items you no longer want or need. Of course, it isn’t always that easy – decluttering the whole house feels like such a big task, doesn’t it? The good news is that with these 10 easy tips, you can get rid of at least some of your unwanted stuff today easily and without any stress at all. So pop your Marie Kondo hat on, take a breathe and follow these 10 tips to help you declutter your home today:


1.   Declutter For 5 Minutes

Take five minutes and declutter anywhere – your bedroom, self storage unit, garage – anywhere. Set the timer and declutter for that amount of time, and even if you don’t end up decluttering anywhere in that five minutes – there’s always tomorrow.


2.   Declutter One Item

Pick one item to throw, donate or sell and that is all you need to do today. If you decluttered one item a day for a year you’d be free of a massive 365 items by this time next year – wouldn’t that be amazing!


3.   Aim To Gift One Item

Sometimes it helps to know we are gifting an item when we look to declutter. Has your friend always loved that ornament, your mum always loved that cushion? If you aren’t that attached to the item, declutter it and gift it on.


4.   Hold Back On One Purchase

Decluttering is as much about buying less as it is getting rid of items. Instead of decluttering today, maybe you can avoid making one impulse purchase if that is something you tend to do.


5.   Fill A Box

If you do want to make a decent dent on your clutter try filling one box with clutter today. It’s manageable but also feels like a really good achievement, too.

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6.   Pick A Charity

If you need an incentive to declutter, maybe pick your favourite charity when you declutter and have them in mind. Maybe everything you can sell, you sell to raise money for them. You can do the same by choosing your own financial goal to raise money for if you don’t have a charity in mind or have a goal of your own that takes priority.


7.   Start

Sometimes just making a start is all you need to do. However that looks for you, whether you start to organise your self storage unit so you have everything laid out ready, or you make a path into your garage to enable you to declutter – that is a start. The momentum from that should be all you need to push you into more decluttering action in the coming days.


8.   Sort The ‘Birthday Bag’

Everybody has a Christmas or Birthday bag they haven’t sorted through. It still has the wrapping paper, the card and the gift in it, or maybe multiple gifts from the occasion. Why not just sort that bag out today, moving on items inside you know you don’t want (chances are if you haven’t tended to it months after being gifted you might not be too attached).


9.   Fill A Bin Bag/ Recycling Bag

Can you bag up real rubbish or recycling? Instead of items that are good for selling or giving to charity, maybe you can literally just bag up old paperwork (shred anything sensitive) or throw away literal broken items that have no use. That is an easy win and a quick way to quickly declutter a space.


10.  Declutter With A Pal

Maybe you need a friend to help you out and get you decluttering today. Maybe you can sit down as she asks you about each item of clothes, and you choose to keep, sell or give away. There’s some room for dressing up and fun here!


Hopefully the ten tips above will help you to clear your affordable self storage space, home, garage and office today. Just one small change can have incredible impact – try to just focus on one of those small changes today and hopefully it will become a habit for you, creating some incredible progress over time. Before long the aesthetics and function of your home, office and unit will be much better, and you’ll be thoroughly hooked on decluttering.



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