New Year, New Renovation Plan

Tips and information to help you make a renovation plan for the New Year, so you can feel totally ready for the work you plan to do on your home. 

A home renovation in process

In the New Year, some of us will be trying to lose weight, some will be trying to quit smoking, some will be trying to eat less meat. Any goal that you have is worthy because it is your goal, and good for you for trying to improve your life in amazing ways, along with everybody else doing the same in January.

What you may be choosing to do, instead of a New Years Resolution, is planning the year ahead so that you have everything organised. Plans to apply for a new job, new holidays booked or perhaps you plan on renovating. Renovating is a worthy goal to have for the year and it is much more likely to go ahead if you have a renovation plan. A renovation plan will enable you to know which jobs need doing first, how long different jobs take and how much everything will cost. You also get lots of time to plan well in advance for builders being in the house, money that needs saving and to book services you require.

Here are our top tips to help you create a renovation plan for the year ahead:

What Needs Doing

Establish all the jobs you want to do, even down to painting the fence. This will enable you to prioritise jobs and ensure each and everyone is allocated a time to be done.

Which Jobs Are Most Important?

Prioritise your jobs in number order, with really important jobs like a leak in the roof or damp coming first, and smaller more aesthetic jobs like painting the front of the house last.

How Much Will Each Job Cost?

Establish the cost of each job so that you can get a rough idea of what you can afford when. Some jobs you may need to save up for, others you may be able to to more or less straight away.

Who Needs To Do The Jobs?

It may be that your partner, or you, can complete the job because of skills you have. It may be that a professional needs to do the job. Establishing this tells you which workmen you need to book. Be realsitic and don’t put yourself in danger to save money! If you need to fix your roof, for example, use a roof repair professional.

Which Jobs Affect Family Life?

Jobs like rewiring, installing a new toilet and having a new kitchen put in require logistics and coordination with family life. Knowing the disruption they will cause is so important when planning the work. It also enables you to book cheap self storage for items that need removing from your home whilst work is being done. Booking cheap self storage and other services well in advance ensures the best deals and the best likelihood of getting the services you want from the company you prefer.

Are There Any Time Restrictions On The Work That Needs Doing?

If you want to have your home up for sale in summer, you will need to get any work done before summer. If your child comes back from their gap year in September, then you need to get their room done by then. Any time constraints should be accounted for.

Can Any Jobs Be Done Together?

Installers may give you a discount for doing certain jobs all at the same time. For example: tiling a bathroom can be just as expensive as having the whole thing renovated because the person doing it wants to charge more to make it worth their while. Group jobs together so that you can save money on labour hours.

Your renovation plan will be much easier when you know all the information. Think carefully about each and every task and utilise an app that allows you to have your plans written down. Your year ahead is going to result in a gorgeous, renovated house because you are planning it ahead of time, and ensuring your goals are met. Happy renovating!




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