10 Small Business Types That Would Benefit From Self Storage

Find out about 10 small business types that would benefit from a self storage unit.


Small businesses can benefit from affordable self storage in many ways. It’s flexible, affordable, accessible and free from a lot of the heavy commitment associated with office or warehouse contracts. Realistically, every business could benefit from some cheap storage space, but some are particularly well suited to gaining an affordable self storage unit to help with their day to day operations. As an insight, here are 10 small business types that would benefit from a self storage unit:

1.   Online Buy & Sell Trader

If you buy and sell on sites like EBay and Vinted you will be able to store your wares safely in local self storage. Even better, the unit will afford you the space to photograph the items well before listing them.

2.   Craft Business

Craft supplies take up a lot of space, which is why a self storage unit is the perfect place to keep all those supplies out of your home and in your own dedicated space. In your unit you can keep it organised, and sort out your packing as well, all in the same place.

3.   Seasonal Small Business

Seasonal businesses naturally need more space at some times of the year than others. This makes self storage a natural choice for seasonal small business owners who can move between larger and smaller units as and when they need to.

4.   Market Stall Holder

Market stall holders sell at certain times of the week, and then have stock they need to store between those times. They also have to sort out new stock, and prepare items to sell on market days. Self storage can store all of those items safely, and provide a space for preparation inbetween market days.

5.   Influencer

Influencers can start off making content in a bedroom or a spare room, but when real money starts to be made, a more established setup is needed. In a self storage unit you can set up the right lighting and background for your content, and could even edit it in the room, too, as some self storage facilities have electricity you can use. Most importantly, the security of the facility is far beyond what you will have at home, ensuring that your expensive lights, recording equipment and other tech is kept safe. Choose climate controlled units and you will also benefit from keeping a steady temperature free from extremes that prevents your gear from being damaged by the environment it is kept in.

6.   Gardener

Gardeners and landscapers may have a range of tools and equipment that is used for different jobs. These tools are expensive and keeping them in a van overnight is very risky, as is keeping them in a garage at home. It is expensive to get them replaced if they are stolen, and extreme temperatures could cause issues like warping of metal. The best thing to do is utilise local self storage for your tools and equipment so you can go to the unit in the morning, pickup what you need and then drop it off in the evening before going home. That way all of your gear will stay safe and in great condition so you can continue to do a great job landscaping or gardening. The one caveat is that some units may restrict the storage of flammables, such as fuel used for chainsaws or strimmers. You may need to discuss whether that is allowed or not, and if so, if there are rules around how you might need to do it. It is important to check so that you don’t accidentally break any rules and potentially lose your insurance cover.

7.   Decorator

Decorating is similar to gardening in that you use different tools for every job, tools and equipment that are expensive and risky to leave in a van or garage overnight. Just like gardening businesses benefit from self storage so too can decorating businesses. A self storage unit can be used in the same way as a gardener might use it, but it is wise to ensure that there are some protections in place because of the items you are using. Sheeting on the ground and other procedures will make sure you don’t accidentally damage the unit with spills and debris that are a natural part of your job. You’ll also need to check about flammables like certain paints and whether they can be stored.

8.   Cleaning Business

When you are a cleaner you can carry your kit with you in your vehicle, but if you clean multiple properties you may need a small unit to carry supplies like blue roll, specialist tools and equipment. Some small businesses will have several cleaners operating under their name, and so, a central hub is necessary. This hub can be accessed by all members of staff to collect things like uniform, cleaning equipment and other supplies. It’s an ideal alternative to a warehouse, office, or other comercial metal building, when you don’t really need that kind of expensive and committed service – you just need a flexible, secure space your team can access as and when they need to.

9.   Food Truck

Many places that are now restaurants started out as food trucks. It is a cheaper way to build a food brand and get your name out there, but where do you store the truck and its contents between the times you are working in it? Not all self storage facilities allow you to store a vehicle, but many do. It is a great way to store your food truck safely at such a time when a break-in overnight could be disastrous for your budding business. You can also use the storage space for signage, tables and chairs, gazebos and other items you may wish to use sometimes as part of your food truck service.

10.  Party Businesses

Party businesses can often have a lot of stuff utilised for events. Chairs, tables, accessories, props, lighting, DJ equipment – the list is endless. Those items are very expensive to place and too big for a garage or home. Self storage is the perfect solution for storing these kinds of items safely, securely and in a place you can easily visit as and when you need to as you setup your latest event. You can also direct other members of the business, or other suppliers/ collaborators to the unit to drop items off, or pick items up.

11. Home services businesses 

Home services businesses such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC companies may need a place to store equipment, supplies, and tools that are too bulky or too valuable to be kept in a truck or garage. Self-storage units can provide a secure and convenient storage solution for these businesses. Additionally, some self-storage facilities may offer amenities such as electrical outlets or lighting that can be useful for these types of businesses.

Could Your Business Benefit From Small Business Self Storage?


Your local self storage company will be more than happy to give you more information and help you to find the perfect unit for your needs. Small businesses can benefit from a flexible, affordable service like self storage, so why not make an enquiry today to find out how it could benefit yours?







4 Responses to “10 Small Business Types That Would Benefit From Self Storage”

  1. Iris Smith

    Thank you for pointing out that self-storage is a logical alternative for seasonal small business owners who can switch between larger and smaller units as needed. My sister runs a company. She has a small office and cannot fit a lot of equipment in it. I’ll advise her to get the storage units.

    • MS

      Yes, Iris, it really does make financial sense for small businesses to use a flexible self-storage space – especially for seasonal businesses. Space in a storage unit is much cheaper than office space. Also much easier to increase or decrease the amount of space needed because there are no long term contracts to worry about with a self-storage rental.

  2. Storage Devices

    Informative content! Some great ideas here that I wouldn’t have thought of thank you

  3. MS

    My favourite use of self storage for a small business is for a party or events organiser. They often have lots of equipment such as chairs, tables, crockery, glasses, props, lighting, DJ equipment. It’s difficult to find space for that in the average home.


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