van at storage facility

Preparing Your Sofa For Storage

Sofas and other soft furnishings are expensive and putting them into storage can be worrying if you don’t protect them properly. Here we look at how to ensure your sofas and other soft furnishings come out of storage the way they went in. The love of our lives – the soft, squashy, beautiful, expensive piece ... Continued

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A party - make your own escape room

10 Free Activities To Enjoy In London

Want to enjoy London without it costing a ton? Checkout these 10 free activities to enjoy in the Big Smoke. London is an expensive city to live in, work in and visit – those are the facts. The good news is, though, that for a nice day out there are so many ways to cut ... Continued

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Moving with a pet - a cat moving house

6 Ways To Deal With A Nosy Neighbour

Find out what to do when your neighbour is infringing on your privacy and you want to take steps to try and keep things separate in your day to day life.  A nosy neighbour is a bit of a given in the UK, because it is natural for us all to want to keep an ... Continued

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Feng Shui Stones

6 Steps To Freshen Up Your Airbnb For Visitors

Find out how to easily freshen your Airbnb up for visitors so that you’re ready to get incredible visitor reviews in the coming months.   If you have an Airbnb that has been out of action for a while, you may well be now thinking about freshening it up ready for rental. It’s important to ... Continued

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Mindfulness in action woman by lake meditating

Why Does Decluttering Matter When It Comes To Your Mental Health?

Read about why decluttering is important when it comes to your overall happiness and well-being. From TV programmes to films, blogs, vlogs and podcasts, it feels like we are constantly being told to declutter. Declutter for joy, declutter for a better aesthetic, declutter for more space, declutter to save money – the benefits are supposed ... Continued

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10 Tips For An Easier Life As A Remote Worker

You need to check out these helpful tips to help you have an easier life as a remote worker. We all know the benefits of working remotely – freedom to choose your living location, choosing your own schedule, meeting lots of new people, experiencing new cultures – the list goes on. Of course, nothing great ... Continued

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Essential Storage Tips For Your Allotment

If you want to make the most of your own little slice of the outdoors, you should check out these allotment tips If you own an allotment you’ve got your very own patch of land to enjoy, hopefully growing all kinds of gorgeous fruits and veggies for your family. With this kind of space at ... Continued

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Desk set up for a remote worker

5 Ways To Save Money In London As A Digital Nomad

Working as a digital nomad in London? These tips will help you save money in this beautiful but expensive city. Over 9 million people live in London, and for good reason. It has culture, history, a fantastic foodie scene, a great nightlife, phenomenal architecture and a thriving economy. As a digital nomad location it’s kind ... Continued

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Commercial storage for new startup business

The Best Types Of Flooring For A Home Office

Are you fitting out your home office? If you are, you may want to consider these flooring options. Millions of people work from home, which means that millions of people just like you are trying to make a comfortable, functional home office working space that inspires productivity and creativity. One of the main aspects of ... Continued

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How To Organise A Garden Storage Box

Want to know how to make sure your garden storage box is as organised as possible? Read these handy tips! A shed is a handy thing to have in any garden, providing storage and room for potting and other hobbies. However, not everybody can have a shed, and instead, a storage box is the next ... Continued

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