couple on the beach

Why Couples Need To Compromise On A New Home

Find out why couples need to compromise on a new home so they share a common dream, and avoid disagreements during the house buying process and afterwards.   In many parts of the UK it has become harder and harder to get on the property ladder with average house prices up to 9 times average ... Continued

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focus on wellness for a new start

Focusing On Wellness For The Best New Start In A New Area

Find out about feeling well in your body and mind when you move to a new area. By focusing on wellness for the best new start you will learn to embrace and love your new home.   Moving to a new area, whether it is all the way across the country, or just down the ... Continued

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Can I Sell My House To My Son For £1

Discover the different aspects of selling your house to family members for as little as £1, including potential implications for everyone involved.   Have you ever wondered if you can give your house to your child for just a pound? You’re not the only one. Many parents think about doing this, and wonder if it’s ... Continued

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home for first-time buyer

How Do I Start Saving For A House?

Read practical steps, strategies and insights to help you get started on your journey saving for a house so you can to own your own home.   86% of people would rather own their own home than rent, and yet the rate of home ownership in England has declined 71% since 2003. Fewer of us ... Continued

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clutter needing a good clearout

Maximising the Potential of Self Storage: Understanding What Can’t Be Stored

Find out how you can make the most of the storage you pay for with a greater understanding of what can’t be stored.   Self storage has become increasingly popular among domestic users, providing a flexible and convenient solution for storing belongings that may not fit or be needed in their current living spaces. Whether ... Continued

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storage collection in London

Self Storage Advice To Help You Make The Most Of Your Space

When you invest in self storage with you will be getting an unbeatable price for extra storage space for your personal belongings or business items, but it still makes sense to make the most of your space and only pay for what you really need.   Here’s how to make the most of every ... Continued

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Your Essential Guide To How Small Businesses Can Save Money On Storage

Find out more about how small businesses can cut back on the costs of storage, with helpful tips to help you find a new, cheaper storage option to suit your business’s budget. For small businesses, optimising costs is crucial for sustainable growth and long-term success. With limited resources and budget constraints, finding ways to save ... Continued

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Pastel coloured houses in Notting Hill

Your Essential Guide to Buying And Renovating An Old Home

Find out everything you need to know about renovating an old home, including tips on storage, purchasing, budgeting and planning. The Essential Guide to Buying And Renovating An Old Home Although there are lots of amazing new builds available to buy in the UK, many people still prefer an older build. For many, buying and ... Continued

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store clothes carefully for long-term storage

5 Steps To Storing Clothes Better

Find out how storing clothes with more intention can create more functionality and usability of your clothes storage space.   Clothes are something that we all need, and something many of us enjoy collecting, putting together and wearing to express ourselves. For that reason, it’s nice to store them well, in a way that makes ... Continued

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move house because of neighbours

Bad Neighbours Cause 1 In 10 People to Move House

Find out why 1 in 10 people have moved house because of their neighbours, and ways to keep good relations with your own neighbours.   According to a study about problem neighbours, nearly 1 in 10 people have moved house because they did not get on with their neighbours. The same study showed that disturbances ... Continued

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