Modern interior of a planty home

Storing Wool: A Simple Guide

Storing wool in cheap self storage? Here’s a guide to keeping it in great condition. As the planet as a whole becomes more eco-conscious, we start to favour more natural, plastic-free and sustainable materials like wool. This soft and warm material does, however, need some love and care to ensure that it stays in great ... Continued

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6 Luxury Home Office Ideas For Aspirational Working

To surround yourself with a working space that reflects your aspirations, checkout these 6 luxury home office ideas. Why not decorate your home office in a way that oozes success and the potential for high achievements? You don’t have to make it, to be surrounded by the kind of items and feel that you’re aspiring ... Continued

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7 Top Tips For Selling Your Unwanted Belongings Online

Looking to sell your unwanted belongings? It’s a great idea to sell them online, and these 7 tips will help you do that quickly and effectively. Are you hoping to sell unwanted items from your garage, cheap self storage unit or home? If you are, we have ten great tips to help you get it ... Continued

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How To Remove Stains From Different Surfaces

Find out how to remove stains from all different surfaces to keep your house, clothes and other items fresher and cleaner for longer. Staining can occur on any surface, for almost any reason. Staining can also easily completely ruin how an item looks, smells and even functions. For these reasons, it makes sense to have ... Continued

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Desk set up for a remote worker

5 Tips To Help You Improve Your Home Office Lighting

Great office lighting changes like those below can boost your home office functionality and aesthetic. Working from home means cultivating a beautiful and functional office space that boosts your productivity. The quality of lighting in that space plays an important part in this cultivation because when it is done wrong, it can affect your mood, ... Continued

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Cheap Self Storage for Moving House

How To Prepare Old Paint For Repainting

Painting an old wall? It’s important to get the surface ready for repainting, so you get the best possible finish. A lick of paint added to any surface enhances its aesthetic, but only if the finish is well executed. The key to a perfectly painted wall is preparing it well before you begin applying fresh ... Continued

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5 Secrets To A Highly Productive Remote Worker Home Office

Find out what you need to do to ensure your home office keeps you motivated and ready to smash your career goals as a remote worker. Pre-pandemic, it was tricky to prove if people working from home were actually as productive as those working in the office. As we are deep into the pandemic and ... Continued

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How To Have A Planty Home Without Creating Mould

 Find out how to avoid nasty mould infestations when you have a planty home Creating a planty home is a lot of fun, and highly beneficial to your home aesthetic, air quality and mental health. It doesn’t come without its issues though, when it comes to impacting your home decor negatively. Some plants can drop ... Continued

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where to retire in the UK

Get Your Camper Van Organised With These 7 Hacks

Would you like to have a camper van that is as spacious and tidy as possible? These 7 easy hacks will get you there and then some.   Surveys tell us that potentially one in three new motorised leisure vehicles sold are campers. Having a campervan is an amazing thing. The ability to have endless ... Continued

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digital nomad - work anywhere

6 Exciting Interior Design Trends To Pay Attention To In 2021

How are you sprucing up your pad in time for visitors? Take some inspiration from these 6 design trends. This year, more than any other year, we are all looking to make our homes the very best they can possibly be. If you’re getting ready to spruce up your home you might want to checkout ... Continued

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