warm neutrals - living room interior design

6 Exciting Interior Design Trends

Sprucing up your pad? Take some inspiration from these 6 design trends. If you’re getting ready to spruce up your home you might want to checkout these 6 top design tips for inspiration: 1. Regenerating Chic Swedish minimalism still reigns as a favourite design palette in many homes. Rather than finding comfort in more stuff, ... Continued

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Home security image

How Self Storage Can Help You Protect Yourself Against Fraud And Computer Misuse

Find out how a simple business service can help you to protect yourself and your business from fraud and computer misuse. A report from the Government has shown that despite certain areas of crime reducing in the last few years, incidents of fraud and computer misuse have risen. This kind of crime can be incredibly ... Continued

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A sofa

7 Top Tips For Selling Your Unwanted Belongings Online

Looking to sell your unwanted belongings? It’s a great idea to sell them online, and these 7 tips will help you do that quickly and effectively. Are you hoping to sell unwanted items from your garage, cheap self storage unit or home? If you are, we have seven great tips to help you get it ... Continued

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A party - make your own escape room

10 Free Activities To Enjoy In London

Want to enjoy London without it costing a ton? Checkout these 10 free activities to enjoy in the Big Smoke. London is an expensive city to live in, work in and visit – those are the facts. The good news is, though, that for a nice day out there are so many ways to cut ... Continued

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storing garden tools

Storing Garden Tools Over Winter

Garden tools are expensive and need storing properly to ensure they remain in good working condition. Here we look at the best ways of storing garden tools in winter. Summer comes to an end too quickly, and so our time in the garden quiets down quickly, with minimal to no maintenance needed. This is a ... Continued

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Money Saving Self Storage Tips

Anyone with a clean, clutter-free garage and no car may not need to make use of a self-storage unit but few of us are that fortunate. The reality is that most of us are hoarders and eventually our homes are no longer large enough to accommodate all our stuff. If we can’t move to a ... Continued

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What is self storage

What is self storage?

It might seem like there is an obvious answer to the question “What is Self-Storage?” and in some ways there is. In it’s simplest sense self-storage is a secure space you rent to temporarily store things in; like when you move house or are renovating your home. In the words of the ubiquitous meerkat “Simples”. ... Continued

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Simple Gap Year Packing Tips

Packing for your gap year can be really difficult, especially when you've no idea what to expect. Here are some simple gap year packing tips to help you.

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wine storage in self storage

6 Top Wine Storage Tips For Collectors

  Storing wine is an art, as is collecting the best wine. Read our quick tips on how to store wine bottles and what to do if you need more wine storage space.   If you collect wine and consider yourself an expert (or even just an enthusiast), then no doubt you will at some ... Continued

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Mindfulness in action woman by lake meditating

Why Does Decluttering Matter for Your Mental Health?

Read about why decluttering is important when it comes to your overall happiness and well-being. From TV programmes to films, blogs, vlogs and podcasts, it feels like we are constantly being told to declutter. Declutter for joy, declutter for a better aesthetic, declutter for more space, declutter to save money – the benefits are supposed ... Continued

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