6 Exciting Interior Design Trends

Sprucing up your pad? Take some inspiration from these 6 design trends.

warm neutrals - living room interior design

If you’re getting ready to spruce up your home you might want to checkout these 6 top design tips for inspiration:

1. Regenerating Chic

Swedish minimalism still reigns as a favourite design palette in many homes. Rather than finding comfort in more stuff, some people find comfort in having less. Where this trend shines a little different now is with more warmth. Beaten and weathered wooden tables and chairs, neutrals that leave cold grey well behind. Oatmeal’s, nutmeg and beige tones all make a welcome return. The look is very well thought out with only the very best pieces of furniture showcased in your home.

2. Bold Colours Left Behind

Bold colours are left behind and instead, comfortable, characterful colours and patterns take front stage. In combination with natural textures, thick knitted soft furnishings and cosy layering, the overall look is an inviting one, rather than one designed to catch the eye.

3. Sustainability Reigns Strong

Sustainability and nature in decor continues to be at the forefront of how homes are styled. Natural paints, pigments and tones. High-quality pieces sourced from manufacturers who care about the planet. Bringing the outside in still features too, with botanic prints and houseplants still largely featuring in decor. Expect to see more houseplants for sale in shops and online, as businesses look to take advantage of our new embrace of all the leafy things.

4. Dried Flowers Everywhere

Pampas grass has finally thrown off it’s 1970’s associations and its back in fashion. Along with its flouncy, whimsical plumes all dried flowers are back in fashion. There’s a style to suit everyone and the best news is you can dry your own arrangements, so they aren’t expensive either!

5. More Light

Swedish design already pushed the idea of harnessing and embracing natural light but consumers are demanding even more light. This suits more  substantial home improvements though where roof windows and floor to ceiling glass can be incorporated throughout your property.

6. Grandmillenial

This cutely named trend is an upgrade on kitsch and nostalgic design. To achieve it you might ditch minimalism for a while, instead taking select pieces that echo years gone by. To stop it feeling dated though, those pieces should be simple, honest and relaxed. Try taking a strong, simple room base and adding cute florals, comfy materials and welcoming furniture placement. Maybe even raid your granny’s storage unit.

The design trends above can serve as inspiration for anybody looking for some ideas as a house spruce up commences. With the right combination of textures, colours, materials and tones, you’re sure to have a stunning house that has a whole new gorgeous look this year.

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