6 Top Wine Storage Tips For Collectors


Storing wine is an art, as is collecting the right wine. Below, find out how to store wine bottles and what to do if you need more wine storage space.

If you collect wine and consider yourself quite the enthusiast, then no doubt you will at some point run out of storage. You might also come across an issue with having non-uniform bottle types, especially if you enjoy the different varieties of bottles you can buy.

This shouldn’t be something that stops you buying more bottles, or more unique bottles, because there are plenty of off-site cheap self storage solutions for you to utilise to help you expand your collection.


Here are six tips to help you with building your collection, and storing it:


  1. Normal Wine Bottles

Your everyday wine bottle has high shoulders to the neck and goes straight up and down. Most of them hold the same shape and height and you will be able to store them in standard wine racks, or wine holders. General storage tips for white wines would suggest they do best in a fridge, whereas reds do best at room temperature. This can vary depending on the type of wine through.


  1. Wide Wine Bottles

A wide wine bottle is almost as common as a normal wine bottle. They have a wide bottom and the sloping of the shoulders varies depending on the individual brand or make. Storing this type of wine bottle will need a rack or fridge with wider separating sections and racks which accommodate the sloping shoulders of the bottle.


  1. Champagne

Champagne bottles are more heavy duty, thicker and generally more bulky than a standard wine bottle. The pressure inside the bottles is also higher, which is important to understand when it comes to storage.


  1. Tall Wine Bottles

Tall Wine Bottles tend to be made by particular companies or made in celebration of a certain event. They are also used for extra large bottle containers where more wine is held compared to a standard bottle. In terms of storage, this type of bottle is very delicate so has to be housed appropriately.


  1. Curved Oval Bottles

Flat sided bottles tend to be circular or oval with a flat bottom and a short neck. The two sides of the bottle are curved. These types of bottle are unlikely to be stored in a rack because of their shape and instead would likely be stored in a suitable shelving or boxed environment.


  1. Packing Wine

As well as storing wine correctly it is important to also pack it correctly when moving it into cheap self storage. It is most at risk when it is in transit, just like any glass object or anything delicate. Preparing your self storage unit before you take your wine is a great idea to ensure you can place the wine directly where you want it to be. When moving it, be sure to go the extra mile to pack it correctly, using separators and soft materials to wedge the wine so it doesn’t move around. Once placed in your self storage unit you can take pleasure in creating a directory of where the different wines you have are, when you bought them, how much for, what their vintage is and so on.


Happy collecting!



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