10 Free Activities To Enjoy In London

Want to enjoy London without it costing a ton? Checkout these 10 free activities to enjoy in the Big Smoke.

The Thames and the London Eye

London is an expensive city to live in, work in and visit – those are the facts. The good news is, though, that for a nice day out there are so many ways to cut the costs and enjoy yourself. To help you reduce the cost of your trip to London, here are 10 free activities to consider;

1. The National History Museum

A fantastic option for the whole family, the NHM has all kinds of amazing exhibitions and things to see, with the iconic blue whale skeleton hanging in the main hall being one of the most memorable.

2. The Saatchi Gallery

If you love contemporary art that makes you think, then a visit to The Saatchi Gallery is a great idea. It has all kinds of free exhibitions to explore and has exhibited controversial pieces in the past by artists like Tracy Emin and Damien Hirst.

3. The British Museum

The British Museum has a huge range of amazing free exhibitions, including amazing wonders like Egyptian mummies and the famous Rosetta Stone.

4. Tate Modern

The Tate Modern has a range of contemporary and classic art to enjoy for free. There’s always something to make you think at The Tate, so it’s a great place for a date if you want a conversation starter.

5. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is great for a walk or, if you have a bicycle in your self storage in London – a cycle. It’s beautiful all year round and particularly great for a picnic in Summer.

6. Kyoto Japanese Garden in Holland Park

It’s a tiny garden but one worth finding if you want to feel serene and relaxed amongst the hubbub of the city. Expect fish, running water and immaculate landscaping. A touch of zen in an unexpected place.

7. London Mithraeum

The Mithraeum is a free Roman Mithraeum that was found in London and has been protected.

It’s a quirky place to visit, but it’s so unique the chances are you’ll not only love it, but you’ll want to tell everyone you know about this hidden gem.

8. Shoreditch Street Art

For a vibrant afternoon in one of the coolest spots in London, why not go for a wander around Shoreditch to check out the street art? Some International artists have displayed here, as well as various talented new artists. It’s colourful, cool and if you are splashing out on lunch, this is a great place for foodies too.

9. Sky Garden Walkie Talkie

There’s an amazing three floored atrium hiding at the peak of the walkie talkie in London. Just make sure you go past the crowds and in the lift to enjoy the Planty goodness and views without getting stuck in a queue.

10. God’s Own Junkyard

Looking for a free and highly Instagrammable location? This is it. It’s a warehouse full of neon artwork that has been created by Chris Bracey, also known as The Master Of Glow. It’s a really amazing place to go if you’re a fan of art, or you just want somewhere different to go for free.


Now you know at least 10 places you can visit in London for absolutely nothing! Where will you visit first?



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