Storing Garden Tools Over Winter

Garden tools are expensive and need storing properly to ensure they remain in good working condition. Here we look at the best ways of storing garden tools in winter.

Summer comes to an end too quickly, and so our time in the garden quiets down quickly, with minimal to no maintenance needed. This is a great time for those of us who hate having to mow the lawn what seems like hours after we just cut it. The issue isn’t in the maintenance of the garden, but what to do with all the tools. Things like lawnmowers and other electrical or petrol run tools for the garden are so expensive, and they really do need to be looked after properly when they aren’t being used, because they cost a lot to replace. These tools are now not needed as the darker nights and colder weather sets in, but will they all fit comfortably in the shed along with other items that might have been out all winter, like garden furniture and outdoor kids toys?

If you are short on space for your garden tools, it might be worth looking into cheap self storage. The benefits of doing this are:

  • It is low cost and much cheaper than replacing garden tools that go rusty or break in harsh weather or damp shed conditions
  • Security is much better than your shed or garage so they are less likely to be stolen
  • You don’t have to cram everything into a small space, so have easy access to your items still.
  • You can put other seasonal items in storage with the tools, like garden furniture and camping gear, clearing even more space in your home.



Getting The Right Unit For Your Garden Tools

It is so important you get the right unit for your garden tools. When you are looking into different facilities make sure you check:

  • That the facility is as secure as possible with lots of security lighting, cameras, a reception, various lock points and a gated entry
  • That the unit itself is clean and well maintained
  • That the unit is dry and sealed ensuring pests cannot get in
  • That the unit is climate controlled – this isn’t always necessary but it is desirable
  • That you are fully aware of the costs involved, including the insurance, contract charges and any hidden extras that would increase the final amount
  • That the time spent getting there, and the fuel costs don’t increase the overall costs a huge amount – or whether the facility has a collection service.
  • That you like the staff working there and feel like there is always someone helpful on hand if you have any problems.



Preparing Your Garden Tools For Storage

Garden tools are expensive to replace, which is why you are investing in storage to keep them safe. It wouldn’t however, be cost effective to store them in a secure, dry unit without preparing them first as the condition you store them in may cause them to deteriorate.

To store them properly make sure you:

  • Clean them as much as possible, removing any dirt and debris following manufacturers instructions
  • Dry them thoroughly – any metal will rust up if it is left wet from cleaning or use
  • Wrap them in a suitable material, ideally something breathable so any moisture left on doesn’t turn into condensation
  • Remove any fuel from petrol run items


With a little research and patience, you can find the storage unit ideal for keeping your garden tools dry, safe and secure over winter.

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