How Self Storage Can Help You Protect Yourself Against Fraud And Computer Misuse

Find out how a simple business service can help you to protect yourself and your business from fraud and computer misuse.

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A report from the Government has shown that despite certain areas of crime reducing in the last few years, incidents of fraud and computer misuse have risen. This kind of crime can be incredibly expensive for businesses and individuals to deal with, particularly in relation to the handling of sensitive data.

Self Storage Can Help You Protect Yourself And Your Business From Fraud

Incidents of fraud and computer misuse relate largely to online crime. There is a lot that the individual and businesses can do to protect themselves against these kinds of problems with actions taken online. This includes the use of online security systems, encryption and other smart actions you can take individually, and with the help of a professional cyber crime prevention company.

Affordable self storage can further your ability to protect yourself from computer misuse and fraud in more ways than one, including the following:

Document Archiving

Companies can benefit from sensitive documents that cannot yet be physically destroyed, being stored in deep self storage. This helps to prevent sensitive information being stolen and misused, regardless of whether or not it has also been digitised. Affordable self storage has more security than you will likely find at any office or business premises, so even with a locked door or other controls, affordable self storage will have security that is more able to protect your documents. CCTV, 24/7 reception services, various lock points and lock types, security lighting and security guards are just some examples of the security you’re likely to see at local self storage facilities.

Hard Drive & Computer Storage

Dry, climate controlled self storage is the perfect way to store delicate hard drives and computers that you are not able to safely destroy at this time. This protects items with sensitive information stored on them from environmental damage, human damage and theft. This includes the dry and well-maintained surroundings of the storage itself, in addition to the security measures mentioned above.

Data Handling Compartmentalisation

For accurate tracking of who has contact with various types of data, it can be helpful to keep certain data types in a business self storage unit. This could be paper data which needs accessing infrequently, which is sensitive and should not be accessed by just anyone. With specific compartmentalisation of the data in the unit, you will be in control of who can access the unit, when. This will be extremely helpful if there is a data breach as you can track when the data was accessed.

Digitising Services

Some self storage companies offer digitising services in combination with paper self storage. This can be helpful when it comes to transferring paper data to a digital system because you can usually have the paperwork destroyed legally after it has been digitised. It can also be helpful to use affordable self storage to store your paperwork if you’re in the process of going paperless and plan to digitise in the future. Storing your paperwork safely and securely in a self storage unit before digitising clears space in your office and ensures you’re protected from fraud and data theft in the meantime.

Why Not Consider Self Storage Today To Help You Gain Better Protection Against Fraud & Computer Misuse

If you could use self storage services to help protect your business against fraud and computer misuse, speak to a self storage facility today. These vital business services can help you not only protect your business against fraud, but also assist with various other business needs, like office moving storage, and stock storage, too. Rates are competitive, contracts are flexible and there are even extra services like receptions who will take deliveries for you, so it’s certainly worth looking into as a smart business move.





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