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Can You Use A Storage Unit As An Office In The UK?

Transforming storage units into UK offices: pros, cons, legalities, and unique benefits for startups and small businesses. In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, entrepreneurs and small business owners are continually seeking innovative and cost-effective solutions. One such trend that has gained significant traction is the transformation of a storage unit into a functional office ... Continued

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How Small Businesses Can Save Money On Storage

Find out more about how small businesses can cut back on the costs of storage, with helpful tips to help you find a new, cheaper storage option to suit your business’s budget. For small businesses, optimising costs is crucial for sustainable growth and long-term success. With limited resources and budget constraints, finding ways to save ... Continued

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8 Security Features To Look For In Business Self Storage

Find out which business self storage security features you should look out for when choosing a facility. The economy is very challenging at the moment, and according to statistics, around 20% of small businesses are failing in their first year at the moment, and over 60% don’t make it past three years. As a business ... Continued

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10 Small Business Types That Would Benefit From Self Storage

Find out about 10 small business types that would benefit from a self storage unit.   Small businesses can benefit from affordable self storage in many ways. It’s flexible, affordable, accessible and free from a lot of the heavy commitment associated with office or warehouse contracts. Realistically, every business could benefit from some cheap storage ... Continued

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8 Reasons To Expand Your Business Cheaply With Business Self Storage

Would you love to grow your business but you don’t have a lot of capital to make it happen? Business self storage can help. Would you love to grow your business but you are short on capital to make it happen? Self storage can help. Self storage is the perfect way to grow a business ... Continued

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How To Present As A Professional Business When You’re A Startup

Find out how to make your startup look and appear professionally whilst you fake it until you make it. As a startup you’re all big ideas, but unfortunately, until things take off, you don’t quite have the budget or facilities to present professionally. Offices, fancy meeting rooms, online presence – it’s not easy to get ... Continued

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10 Reasons Small Businesses Fail (And How To Avoid Them)

Find out about some of the most common reasons small businesses fail and how you can avoid those to give your venture a better chance of survival. About 20% of all small businesses fail within their first year. Luckily for you (unfortunately for them) most new small businesses commonly fail for the same reasons, which ... Continued

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Easy Ways To Cut Business Startup Costs

Find out how to cut the costs of your startup so that you can put more money into growing the business. Cash is not the top priority for a startup, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t important. You can be as creative and innovative as you like, but you need at least some cash ... Continued

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How To Be Green With Self-Storage

Find out how to combine your green, eco-friendly values with your need for additional storage space, with useful tips, information and advice. Going green isn’t just something reserved for people attending barefoot festivals like it used to be, now we have all caught up with the fact that the responsibility for our planet belongs to ... Continued

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Self Storage for Business Startup

Growing Your Business With Self Storage

If you really want to expand your business but feel restricted by costs and commitments, business self storage could be the option for you. It's cheap, flexible, easy and leaves you completely in control - here's how.

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