8 Security Features To Look For In Business Self Storage

Find out which business self storage security features you should look out for when choosing a facility.

self storage security features

The economy is very challenging at the moment, and according to statistics, around 20% of small businesses are failing in their first year at the moment, and over 60% don’t make it past three years. As a business you are already up against it, so you don’t need to worry about the security of your stock as an extra concern. If you are an SME, a lot of your money could be in that stock, so it being stolen or damaged isn’t just a problem, it could be catastrophic.


The good news is that self storage in London enables you to keep your business stock very safe and very protected. It is a dry, climate controlled space that is much safer than keeping your stock at home. You aren’t at risk of human damage (apart from when you interact with the stock yourself), and the chance of environmental damage is much lower than in somewhere like a garage or a shed. Facilities take great care to input flood, fire and pest protection so that your things are safe. Additionally, climate control protects your things from extreme temperatures damaging your stock. Certain types of items, like wood or electronics can be damaged by lots of cold and damp, or very hot and humid temperatures. With a climate controlled self storage unit you don’t have to worry about any of those issues, as you would in a garage or even in your spare room with central heating.

Of course, not all facilities are perfect and there are still security risks to be aware of. Any place storing items is at risk of theft, even with the best security. What you can do, though, to make it a measured risk, is to choose a facility with as many of the below security features as possible:


1.   Fencing

A good self storage facility in London should have really good fencing where applicable. Obviously in some scenarios fencing is not necessary or relevant, but where it is, there should be some really good fencing visible that is cut-resistant and high. The majority of self storage facilities will have a fence and a gate, particularly if they store high-value items and have a high potential for crime in their location.


2.   Alarms

Alarms should be both within the facility, and operated so they alert the correct people about any potential security breaches. You should expect alarms related to your unit, and potentially a system that alerts you if your lock has been tampered with, or the unit itself has been broken into. Many facilities will also have sensors for noise and movement as well, all connected to various alarm systems. It’s much more sophisticated than your average burglar alarm.

3.   CCTV

CCTV is so important because it enables break-ins to be detected if the cameras are monitored, and footage to be used to help catch criminals in the event of a break-in. It’s also a very basic visual deterrent so you should expect to see evidence of CCTV across the facility as a basic expectation.


4.   A Good Connection With The Local Police Force

A good connection with the local police force is an excellent preventative because your facility will be alerted if there have been break-ins in the area, and if there is new theft activity to be aware of. In the event of any criminal activity occurring, it is helpful to be able to speak to the police quickly, but most of all, this kind of relationship helps facilities to further protect themselves against a break-in in the first place.


5.   Sophisticated Locking Systems

Sophisticated locking systems mean you’re not just using old padlocks or keys in any regard to get into the unit or the facility. There should be at least a code for the gate and a code for your unit. Some facilities even use fingerprint locks, Bluetooth locks and have extra lock points between different facility sections. Expect to be impressed by the lock systems at your London self storage unit as it’s a basic line of defence when it comes to avoiding a break-in.


6.   Security Lighting

Security lighting is a really easy way to deter criminals, because it means their face is lit up for CCTV footage and they can be recognised by police. Additionally, lightning helps you to feel safer when you use the facility at night. If you are a business owner going about your business in the London self storage unit through the night, it is much safer to have lots of security lighting. Some facilities will also have motion sensor lighting across their external areas too, to help deter any criminals trying to gain entry.

7.   Security Guards

A London self storage unit will often have security guards to be an in-person security presence across the building. They might be monitoring CCTV, or simply be caretaking the premises out of hours. It’s certainly a really good sign of a good London Storage facility that a business cares about security measures, though, as it means they pay experienced and professional staff to actively make the facility more secure.


8.   Great Maintenance

Thieves are more attracted to run down buildings that are not well maintained. They look for damage and issues they can take advantage of to get to the items they want to steal. Additionally, they may assume a run down place does not have the money to put into security measures like CCTV, and so they may see the place as more of a target. Lastly, if your unit is not well maintained, does that mean the door could be weak? Could access to the units be easier because of a state of disrepair? A well taken care of facility suggests a good security system – if it isn’t maintained well, thieves will start to look.

If you want to know more about self storage security for your business, speak to some local London self storage facilities for more information. They will be more than happy to tell you about the security measures they have in place. If they don’t seem to want to tell you much at all, move on and look elsewhere – excellent is a basic expectation of a business designed to keep your belongings safe. Savvy businesses know that self storage is an amazing business tool, but only if the security matches the needs of those who use it.

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  1. Iris Smith

    Thank you for mentioning that most self-storage facilities will have a fence and a gate, especially if they house valuable things and the area around them has a high likelihood of criminality. According to my mother, she wants to keep her valuable belongings safe to prevent theft. I’ll bring her to the self-storage facility with the fence.


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