A Quick Guide To Wapping As A Place To Live

Are you thinking of moving to Wapping? This handy and quick guide will help you learn more about this amazing place.


Wapping, on the North Bank of the River Thames, is a desirable location for anybody who wants to enjoy being based in a premium residential area that is an easy walk into the capital. Families, young professionals, entrepreneurs – everybody wants to live in Wapping.

If you are considering moving to this stunning redeveloped former docks, it’s important to get a broad idea of the area, including details like things to do, transport, and available housing to rent or buy. To give you a head start, here’s our speedy guide to Wapping as a place to live:

A Little About Wapping

Wapping is in the London Borough Of Tower Hamlets and is categorised as East London. Because of its convenient position between the City Of London and Docklands, city workers consider this a fantastic place to find a permanent residence. It not only has riverside pubs like the famous Prospect Of Whitby which dates back to 1520, but it has some seriously cool converted warehouse properties, and a rich history. Visually, it’s also got a really unique feel, with cobbled streets and a huge range of luxurious properties, mixed in with historical buildings that have stood the test of time. Living in Wapping is like living in the past and the present at once, whilst enjoying a gorgeous local area with simultaneous access to all the action too.

Bitesize Wapping History

Wapping has a really interesting history, and has records dating back all the way to Saxon times. Waeppa is its earliest recorded name, and is thought to have been named so because an important local figure was called Waeppa when the area was first developed and habitated.

A little later on, the area was used predominantly for all things maritime – a launching point for exploration, as an area for buying and selling, trading and bartering, and even as an execution spot for pirates.

Come the 19th century and everything closed down, at least when it comes to Wapping’s relation to the sea. Instead, it became more of a business hotspot and was a relatively downgraded area for a while, especially when it was damaged extensively during the 2nd World War. In the 1980’s money was pumped into development, and it saw huge regeneration, and slowly but surely, became one of the most in-demand and sought-after areas to live in London.

Wapping Property

Wapping could once be considered a slum, but these days it is quite the opposite. It has many high-end properties, and some of the most beautiful and luxurious properties in Wapping are the Wharfs. Grand Olivers Wharf, for example, was purchased to be renovated in 1972 as a dusty old warehouse, which is now home to 23 exceptional and opulent flats, of which famous residents have included Cher and Sir Alec Guinness.

Of course, not everybody can enjoy the most expensive properties in Wapping, and there are more affordable homes on offer. The average house price is around £520,000 pounds, with detached properties sitting at closer to a million pounds on average. Rent is about £1,500 a month on average, but can be much higher for the most luxurious homes.

When it comes to property style, there are older Georgian properties, converted warehouses, penthouse suites – a massive range of styles to choose from. St Katherine’s Dock tends to hold some of the most luxurious and modern properties, but it is also one of the most expensive parts of Wapping, too. For more family oriented properties, Portland Square is a good place to start, especially as its position a little back from the waterfront slightly reduces the overall prices.

For a higher quality of life overall, some people also like to look at living in buildings with lots of extras available. When you work in the city, or from home, it’s nice to be able to go to the spa, or have a swim in a pool. Some of the best developments in Wapping have those kinds of facilities, making your day to day life in East London even more enjoyable.

Wapping Self Storage

Wapping self storage is very helpful because it is low cost, flexible and easy to access. This popular London self storage service can ensure you can make the most of your rented or purchased property in Wapping – no mess, no clutter, no storage issues. Units are as small as a gym locker, and big enough to accommodate the contents of a three bedroom house and more.

Those who work from home in Wapping love to take advantage of London self storage units so they have a more spacious and ergonomic home office to enjoy, choosing to store seasonal items and other non-essentials in their London storage unit separately. Some cyclists enjoy storing their bike in London self storage to avoid having to traipse it up and down the stairs to their flat. Startups are particularly fond of their London self storage too, because it enables them to enjoy professional, secure storage space without paying hefty London office or warehouse contract prices. There’s a benefit to London self storage for everyone, but particularly those who do pay a premium to live in Wapping – every square foot of space counts, so why not preserve that by investing in local self storage for all those items you don’t need 24/7 access to?

Wapping – Things To Do

Wapping is a pretty great place to have a wander around because it is so beautiful, and absolutely jam-packed full of history. You can grab a coffee at an artisan coffee shop, order a pint at some of the oldest pubs in London. You can enjoy a yummy brunch at one of the many amazing eateries on St Katherine’s Dock (along with a view of a super yacht or two), or try a festival or event at Tobacco Dock. If bars or cafes aren’t for you, Wapping also plays host to the Wapping Docklands Market, a lovely way to spend an afternoon browsing local food, craft items and other delights. For evening entertainment, there are also music events held at local pubs, as well as Wiltons Music Hall, which was built in the 1820’s and is now one of the most well known music venues in London.

Transport In Wapping

Wapping’s nearest Tube station is Bermondsey Station, or you can use Wapping Rail Station on the East London Line for connecting overground National Rail train routes. A bus and coach station in Wapping is also a great way to get around London, especially for night bus services. Or, you can enjoy the area and walk to your chosen location – you’re only a 30 minute meander to The Gherkin, Spitalfields and City Of London from Wapping.

Wapping Is A Great Place To Live

If you are considering a move to Wapping, it’s a great idea to pay a visit so you get an idea of the layout and the general atmosphere of the place. You might even want to try a little trial of the area, perhaps utilising London self storage to keep your things safe whilst you spend time making your decision.

With its incredible proximity to London, luxurious properties, pubs, restaurants and rich history, Wapping is a great choice for families, couples and young professionals looking to move to the capital this year.







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