beautiful house for downsizers

What Is The Best Age To Downsize? 

Find out about the different factors influencing when you should downsize, including the best age to downsize as well as the benefits and challenges with downsizing at different ages.    Downsizing is a popular lifestyle choice that is most commonly done by retirees, but can be done at any age. Whatever age you decide to ... Continued

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couple planning to downsize before retirement

Downsizing Before Retirement

  Find out about the pros and cons of downsizing before retirement, as well as lots of additional handy info, to help inform this big life decision.    Lots of people are looking into downsizing these days, with 60% considering downsizing in retirement.    Whilst it is a popular option for many to take, it ... Continued

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downsize from large country house

Good Reasons To Downsize

Discover the benefits of downsizing your home. From more financial freedom, to a stripped back lifestyle, explore why downsizing could be the right choice for you.    In the last few years, more and more people have been choosing to downsize their homes, and for multiple good reasons. In this article we will take a ... Continued

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dont downsize from this beautiful house

Good Reasons Not To Downsize

If you are considering whether to downsize or not, this article will help you consider why not to move to a more compact home.    Downsizing is becoming a popular option for many people these days, and over the last few years estate agents have seen nearly a 20% increase in enquiries from people looking ... Continued

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eco-friendly house move

Ways To Make Your House Move Better For the Environment

If you care about the environment, the chances are you want to be green in everything you do, not just in day to day life.     If this sounds like you, you might be interested to know that moving house can actually have quite a significant effect on the environment. Packing, cleaning, using moving ... Continued

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Apartments in Pimllco London

Moving to Pimlico: A Comprehensive Guide to the Charm of SW1

Read our comprehensive guide to moving to Pimlico. Uncover the historic charm, vibrant lifestyle, and top tips for a seamless relocation to this London gem.   Moving to a new area can be both exciting and challenging, especially in a vibrant city like London.   If you are considering relocating to Pimlico, SW1, this guide ... Continued

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Street scene in Bloomsbury-London

Moving to Bloomsbury: Embrace the Historic Charm

Here’s a brief guide about moving to Bloomsbury. Discover some more about the area and find flexible solutions for a smooth transition to this vibrant and historic London neighbourhood.   Located in the heart of London, Bloomsbury is a captivating neighbourhood that seamlessly blends history, culture, and modernity. If you’re considering a move to this ... Continued

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Georgian terraced house in London

Moving to Parsons Green: Unveiling This Charming Part of London

Our essential guide to moving to Parsons Green uncovers the charm and gems for a seamless relocation.   Parsons Green, located in the vibrant area of Fulham in Southwest London, offers a desirable residential experience with a range of amenities. This guide will provide you with valuable information on various aspects of moving to Parsons ... Continued

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tube station sign in Bloomsbury London

Moving to Fulham: A Comprehensive Guide

Your essential guide for moving to Fulham. Discover top tips and insights for a stress-free relocation   Welcome to Fulham, a vibrant and desirable area located in South West London. Whether you’re relocating for work, study, or simply seeking a change of scenery, Fulham offers a range of amenities and a charming atmosphere.   During ... Continued

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indoor self storage at

Is Outdoor Or Indoor Self Storage Better?

Find out whether or not outdoor or indoor self storage makes better sense for your storing needs.   Self storage is a helpful service many businesses and homeowners, rental tenants, students and remote workers use to benefit from affordable, flexible storage space.   There are two main types of storage space – outside and inside. ... Continued

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