Ways To Make Your House Move Better For the Environment

If you care about the environment, the chances are you want to be green in everything you do, not just in day to day life.


eco-friendly house move


If this sounds like you, you might be interested to know that moving house can actually have quite a significant effect on the environment. Packing, cleaning, using moving vehicles, exchanging paperwork and using utilities like water and electricity all add up to a sizeable footprint on your move, unless of course, you follow these 8 tips:

1. Reduce Waste

Moving house can revolve around throwing away things in the home in order to pack items and move them. However, this can be very wasteful and impact the environment. Start using up food in your freezer and cupboards early on. Sell items you want to get rid of in advance so you’re not forced to throw it away. Reduce the waste you create well in advance of your move.


2. Declutter

The less you need to move, the smaller the van you can use to move. Declutter items in your cheap self storage unit and in your house, giving away and selling as much as possible.


3. Try To Use Eco-Friendly Companies

Try to use moving companies that are eco-friendly. Ask them about their green ethos and see who impresses you.


4. Try To Pack Using Recyclable Products

Get strong banana boxes from the supermarket, or shop around for packing boxes that people are getting rid of. If you have to buy any, make sure they can be recycled and avoid plastic where possible.


5. Try And Avoid Buying New Furniture

Lots of people don’t realise that a lot of furniture ends up in landfill. If you can take your furniture with you, that will help keep your move as green as possible. Alternatively gift it to a new home so it isn’t getting dumped.


6. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Leading supermarkets now do cheap eco-friendly cleaning products for less than it costs to buy leading brands, and they are just as effective. Avoiding the use of bleach and other toxins will make your moving clean even cleaner.


7. Decorate & Renovate Using Eco Friendly Products

Eco-friendly decorating and renovating is an upcoming market and there are plenty of products and companies wanting to be more environmentally friendly. Where your budget allows, try to choose greener paint and materials when you decorate and renovate. Try to use upcycled materials and be mindful of what you are purchasing.

Hopefully, with these 7 easy tips you are feeling able to make your house move much greener and more eco-friendly than you thought it could be. The world is becoming more environmentally aware, and you can do your bit during this house move with simple changes that benefit your family and the world they are being raised in.

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