Is Outdoor Or Indoor Self Storage Better?

Find out whether or not outdoor or indoor self storage makes better sense for your storing needs.


Self storage is a helpful service many businesses and homeowners, rental tenants, students and remote workers use to benefit from affordable, flexible storage space.


There are two main types of storage space – outside and inside. These two types are very different and it is better to consider both before you make a choice as to which is the right choice for your needs. Both have benefits and negative aspects to consider. Let’s take a closer look:


What Is Outdoor Self Storage?


Outside self storage tends to be shipping containers or similar thin external buildings that are placed on a piece of land, each with their own plot number. Some outside self storage looks more like garages, but that can be a crossover type with some inside self storage benefits, such as electricity, True outside self storage is usually shipping containers on land, and it tends to be the cheapest self storage option. It has many pros and cons, such as those below:




  • Tends to be the cheapest storage option
  • Can be more available as the overall facility can be much smaller, and so there are more of them in rural locations
  • Access can be free from seeing people, which can be suited to those who prefer not to interact with staff
  • Units tend to be a standard size that is a bit like a big shed, and if you don’t need size flexibility that can be a pro
  • Access is likely 24/7 because access into the facility is usually via a gate you know the lock code to




  • Items inside can be affected by temperature extremes
  • Pest control and environmental damage prevention may be less
  • Security may be less than with inside storage
  • Some units may not be as sanitary as possible if they previously stored organic material
  • Damp and moisture could be an issue in some units


What Is Indoor Self Storage?


Indoor self storage is usually lots of garage-like spaces inside a big building. Those spaces usually have climate control, which enables you to keep a constant safe temperature inside each unit. There is also electricity and a huge plethora of security measures. There are lots of pros and cons to inside storage, including:




  • Electricity connection
  • Access to toilet facilities
  • 24/7 reception or manned reception some of the time
  • Business benefits like accepting deliveries
  • Ability to hire trolleys and other helpful equipment
  • Climate control
  • Excellent security such as CCTV, lighting, gating, security guards, reception and more
  • Lots of space sizes to choose from




  • The cost can be higher than outside storage
  • You may be further away from a large facility, especially if you are rural


Which Is Better, Outdoor Or Indoor?


Realistically, you have to make that decision. The best thing to do is to speak to your local self storage facilities to find out more. Different units differ as much as the facilities and the people that run them. When you have visited a few different places you will know more, and be able to make an informed decision that makes sense for your needs.


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