Moving to Fulham: A Comprehensive Guide

Your essential guide for moving to Fulham. Discover top tips and insights for a stress-free relocation


Welcome to Fulham, a vibrant and desirable area located in South West London. Whether you’re relocating for work, study, or simply seeking a change of scenery, Fulham offers a range of amenities and a charming atmosphere.


During your move, you may find the usefulness of self storage in Fulham invaluable, as it provides a convenient solution for storing your belongings. In this guide, we’ll explore Fulham self storage, as well as the key aspects of moving to Fulham, including its location, postcodes, types of properties, best areas to live, things to do, the local economy, and transport options:

Where is Fulham?

Fulham is situated in Southwest London, bordered by the River Thames to the south and Chelsea to the east. The area encompasses multiple postcodes, including SW6, SW10, and W6. These postcodes cover various parts of Fulham, offering different housing options and amenities.

A Brief History Of Fulham

Fulham’s history stretches back centuries, with its name derived from “the land of the fowls” or “the place of birds.” Once a rural settlement tied to the church, Fulham Palace became a focal point. Urbanization and industrialization in the 18th and 19th centuries transformed it into a thriving suburb, accessible via bridges like Putney Bridge. Victorian terraced houses, schools, and public facilities emerged. The area’s sporting significance grew with Chelsea Football Club’s home at Stamford Bridge. Today, Fulham remains a sought-after residential area, blending historical charm and modern vibrancy.

Types of Properties In Fulham

Fulham boasts a diverse range of properties, from Victorian and Edwardian terraced houses, to modern apartments. It offers something for everyone moving to London.


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Many residential streets feature attractive period properties with charming architectural details. Additionally, there are newly developed housing complexes, offering contemporary living spaces. Rental options are also plentiful, with flats, maisonettes, and shared accommodation available throughout the area.


a house in Fulham, London - principal bedroom


The Best Areas to Live In Fulham

There are lots of lovely areas in Fulham to consider when you’re exploring a house move, but the most popular are Parsons Green, Fulham Broadway and Sands End.


Parsons Green: Known for its village-like ambiance, Parsons Green is a highly sought-after area in Fulham. It offers a mix of elegant period properties and modern developments, with a selection of trendy cafes, restaurants, and boutique shops. The area is also home to Parsons Green Park, a peaceful green space ideal for relaxation and recreation.


Fulham Broadway: Located near the bustling Fulham Broadway Station, this area boasts excellent transport links and a vibrant atmosphere. It offers a range of amenities, including shopping centers, cinemas, and restaurants. The Chelsea Football Club’s Stamford Bridge stadium is also within easy reach.


Sands End: Situated close to the Thames, Sands End is a residential area that has undergone significant redevelopment in recent years. It offers a mix of converted warehouse spaces, contemporary apartments, and traditional cottages. The area is known for its trendy gastropubs and riverside views.

Things to Do In Fulham

Fulham offers a wealth of activities and attractions to keep residents entertained.

Here are a few highlights:


Explore Bishop’s Park: This picturesque park features beautiful gardens, a riverside walk, and a children’s playground. It’s an ideal spot for picnics and outdoor activities.


Visit Fulham Palace: Step back in time at Fulham Palace, a historic house and garden dating back to the 11th century. Discover its intriguing history and enjoy the tranquil surroundings.


Catch a Match at Stamford Bridge: Football enthusiasts can experience the electric atmosphere of a Chelsea FC game at Stamford Bridge, one of London’s most iconic stadiums.


Stroll along King’s Road: Just a short distance from Fulham, King’s Road in Chelsea offers an array of high-end shops, trendy boutiques, and fashionable cafes.


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The Fulham Economy

Fulham boasts a thriving local economy, with a variety of businesses and employment opportunities. The area is home to numerous shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes, providing a range of job prospects. Additionally, there are several large companies and corporate offices situated nearby, contributing to the local economy.

Local Transport In Fulham

Fulham benefits from excellent transport links, making it easy to navigate both within the area and to other parts of London. The London Underground’s District Line and Circle Line serve various stations in Fulham, including Parsons Green, Fulham Broadway, and West Brompton. Buses and overground rail services also provide convenient options

Education Opportunities In Fulham

Education in Fulham offers a wide range of options for families with children of all ages. The area is home to numerous schools, including both state-funded and independent institutions, providing high-quality education and nurturing environments.


For primary education, there are several well-regarded primary schools in Fulham. These include both state schools, such as Fulham Primary School and Sulivan Primary School, as well as independent schools like Thomas’s Fulham and Fulham Preparatory School. These schools offer a strong foundation in core subjects and provide a range of extracurricular activities to enhance students’ overall development.


When it comes to secondary education, Fulham offers a variety of options. Many families choose to send their children to nearby secondary schools in neighbouring areas, such as Chelsea or Hammersmith. These schools include popular choices like Lady Margaret School, Fulham Cross Girls’ School and Language College, and The London Oratory School.


Additionally, Fulham is home to several independent schools that cater to secondary education. These schools often have excellent academic reputations and provide a well-rounded education. Examples include Fulham Senior School, which is part of Fulham College Boys’ School, and Fulham School, a co-educational independent school.


Furthermore, Fulham benefits from its proximity to numerous renowned colleges and universities in London.



Self Storage in Fulham: Maximising Space and Flexibility


Living in Fulham comes with the advantage of residing in a desirable area with a premium on space. Whether you’re moving to Fulham or already settled, utilising self storage can be a valuable resource to make the most of your living arrangements. Self storage facilities in Fulham offer convenient solutions for various needs, from trial moves to optimising space utilisation.


Trial Move: Moving to a new area can be a daunting task, and it’s not uncommon to have uncertainties about the available space in your new home. Self storage provides a practical solution by allowing you to store your belongings temporarily during a trial move. By renting a storage unit, you can assess the space and layout of your new home before deciding how to best arrange your furniture and possessions. This flexibility enables you to make informed decisions without the stress of rushing or cluttering your new living space.


Optimising Space: Fulham’s popularity often comes with a premium on property prices and limited living areas. Self storage can be particularly useful in maximising the space you pay for. By storing seasonal or infrequently used items, such as winter sports equipment, holiday decorations, or bulky furniture, you can declutter your home and create more room to enjoy. This approach allows you to fully utilise your living space, making it more functional and comfortable without the need to compromise on essential items or resort to costly renovations.


Security and Accessibility: Self storage facilities in Fulham offer secure, climate-controlled units with advanced security systems, providing peace of mind for your stored belongings. You can access your storage unit at your convenience, often with flexible hours, making it easy to retrieve items whenever needed. With well-maintained facilities and on-site staff, self storage in Fulham ensures that your belongings are stored in a safe and accessible environment.


By taking advantage of self storage in Fulham, you can optimise your living space, create a clutter-free home, and make the most of the premium you pay for living in this desirable area. Whether you’re in the process of moving or seeking to declutter and organise your current space, self storage offers the flexibility and convenience needed to enhance your living experience in Fulham.

Welcome to Fulham: Your Perfect Home Awaits!


Moving to Fulham presents an opportunity to experience the charm and vibrancy of this sought-after area in Southwest London.


Utilising self storage in Fulham allows for flexible and clutter-free living space, maximising the premium you pay. To find out if Fulham is the right home for you and your family, explore the diverse property options, discover the best areas to live, immerse yourself in the local activities, appreciate the thriving economy, and consider the educational opportunities.


Ultimately, visiting and experiencing Fulham first hand will help you decide if it’s the perfect place to call home.

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