Moving to Parsons Green: Unveiling This Charming Part of London

Our essential guide to moving to Parsons Green uncovers the charm and gems for a seamless relocation.


Parsons Green, located in the vibrant area of Fulham in Southwest London, offers a desirable residential experience with a range of amenities. This guide will provide you with valuable information on various aspects of moving to Parsons Green, including the area location and postcodes, education, transport, property types and best places to live, the local economy, as well as the usefulness of self storage in the area:

Where Is Parsons Green?

Parsons Green is nestled within the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, and its main postcode is SW6. It is bordered by Fulham Road to the north, New King’s Road to the south, and the picturesque Parsons Green itself, a popular park and gathering spot for residents.

A Brief History Of Parsons Green

Parsons Green, located in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, has a fascinating history that stretches back centuries. The area takes its name from the village green, which was once common land used for grazing livestock.


The origins of Parsons Green can be traced back to medieval times when the area was part of the ancient manor of Fulham. It was a rural settlement surrounded by fields and farmland, and the green served as a communal space for grazing and other village activities.


The name “Parsons Green” is believed to have originated from the presence of a parsonage or rectory in the area during the medieval period. A parson is a clergyman, and the green likely served as the designated area where the rector’s livestock could graze.


In the 19th century, the expansion of London led to the urbanisation of Parsons Green. The arrival of the railway in the mid-1800s, with the opening of the District Line’s Fulham Road station (now Parsons Green station), brought increased accessibility to the area. This sparked a surge in residential development, and elegant Victorian and Edwardian terraced houses were constructed, transforming Parsons Green into a sought-after residential district.


Today, Parsons Green is a desirable residential area known for its charming streets lined with attractive period properties. The green itself remains a central feature of the neighbourhood, providing a space for local events, community gatherings, and recreational activities.

Things To Do In Parsons Green

Discover the charm of Parsons Green, a delightful neighbourhood in the heart of London. Stroll along picturesque tree-lined streets, admire elegant Victorian and Edwardian houses, and unwind in the serene green space of Parsons Green itself. Indulge in diverse dining at Megan’s or savour classic pub fare at The White Horse. Shop stylish boutiques on bustling Fulham Road, enjoy contemporary photography at the Little Black Gallery, and catch a game at Stamford Bridge stadium.


With a warm community vibe and proximity to Chelsea and Fulham, Parsons Green promises a memorable experience in this enchanting corner of London.


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Education Opportunities In Parsons Green

Parsons Green and its surrounding areas offer excellent educational options. Primary schools such as Parsons Green Prep School and Fulham Primary School provide a strong foundation for younger learners. For secondary education, notable choices include Lady Margaret School and Fulham Cross Girls’ School and Language College.


London Bus from Parsons Green


Transport In Parsons Green

Parsons Green enjoys excellent connectivity with various transport options, making it convenient to travel to and from different parts of London. The area is well-served by Parsons Green Underground station, located on the District line. This station provides direct access to key destinations such as Wimbledon, Victoria, and the City of London.


In addition to the Underground, Parsons Green is crisscrossed by several bus routes, further enhancing its accessibility. Bus routes like the 14, 22, and 414 pass through the area, connecting it to neighbouring districts such as Chelsea, Putney, and Hammersmith. These bus services provide convenient links to nearby train stations, such as Putney Station and Fulham Broadway Station, expanding your commuting options and facilitating travel throughout the city.


When it comes to roads, Parsons Green benefits from its prime location near major routes. The A308 New King’s Road runs along the southern edge of the area, connecting it to areas like Chelsea and Kingston upon Thames. The A219 Fulham Road, which runs through Parsons Green, is a bustling thoroughfare with easy access to nearby neighbourhoods and key locations.


With Parsons Green Underground station, a network of bus routes, and its proximity to major roads, residents of Parsons Green enjoy excellent transport links. Whether you prefer the convenience of the Tube, the flexibility of buses, or the option of driving, the area provides multiple avenues to explore and travel across London.

Property Types & Living Locations In Parsons Green

Parsons Green features an array of property types, ranging from elegant Victorian terraces to modern apartments. The area’s leafy streets and proximity to amenities make it an attractive place to live. Some of the best places to live in Parsons Green include Moore Park Estate, Eel Brook Common, and Fulham Road, each with its own unique character.


decluttered living-dining space in Parson's Green house

The Parsons Green Local Economy


Parsons Green offers a wealth of opportunities for job seekers and property investors looking to benefit from its thriving local economy and growing popularity. The area’s diverse mix of independent businesses and well-known brands creates a vibrant employment landscape, with prospects in retail, hospitality, customer service, and more. The increasing demand for professionals across various fields reflects the area’s expanding residential and commercial appeal.


For property investors, Parsons Green’s buoyant market presents an enticing opportunity. With a range of property types, including Victorian terraces, modern apartments, and charming mews houses, investors can explore long-term rental income or refurbishment and resale options. The area’s desirable location, strong rental demand, and potential for capital appreciation make it an attractive prospect for those seeking profitable investments.

Self Storage In Parsons Green

Self storage in Parsons Green offers valuable solutions for a smooth transition and efficient living.


One of the key benefits of self storage is its ability to assist with trial moves. When you’re uncertain about the space or layout of your new home, self storage provides a temporary solution to store your belongings. This allows you to assess your new living environment without the burden of clutter, making it easier to visualise and plan your ideal setup. By having a secure and accessible storage unit in Parsons Green, you can confidently explore your new home and take your time in making decisions about where your belongings should be placed.


Additionally, self storage enables you to maximise the space in your Parsons Green home. Living in a premium area often means paying a higher price for the square footage you occupy. By decluttering your living space and storing items that are seasonal or infrequently used, you can free up valuable space and create a more organised and spacious environment. Self storage provides a convenient solution for safely storing belongings that you don’t need immediate access to, ensuring that your living area remains tidy and functional.

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Parsons Green: Your Perfect Home Awaits, with Convenient Self Storage Solutions!


In conclusion, moving to Parsons Green offers an attractive residential experience within the bustling Fulham area. With its excellent education options, convenient transport links, diverse property types, vibrant local economy, and the convenience of self storage, Parsons Green provides a desirable and well-rounded living environment.

Explore the area further to determine if it is the perfect place for you to call home.


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