Moving To Holland Park: A Useful Guide

Holland Park is an incredibly chic and trendy neighbourhood in London where people move  who feel even uber-cool Notting Hill is just a touch too touristy.


The area is named Holland Park after the building Holland House which was bombed during the war, and walking around you can see the beautiful heritage of this part of London. Grander than grand mansions, shops and boutiques lining impressive Victorian streets, and the tranquil park itself create a wonderfully friendly and relaxed feel. It isn’t difficult to spot a celebrity or two on a stroll in the area, and generally, the local community tend to leave them to their business.


With gorgeous houses, open spaces, a sense of community and incredible connections to the rest of London (not to mention exceptional schools) Holland Park is a fantastic place to live and work.


If you’re looking to move to Holland Park, you’ve made a great choice of location to base yourself and your family. To help ensure your move is as stress-free and informed as possible, we have created a useful guide packed with lots of interesting information about Holland Park. By the end of the guide, you’ll be a little more ready to make the move to this incredible part of London.


holland park in London


The History Of Holland Park

Holland Park began life as the grounds of 17th century mansion Cope Castle. Owned by Sir Walter Cope (Chancellor of the Exchequer under King James I), the grounds were well manicured and the castle itself, nestled in lush forest, was highly impressive. 


The house was inherited by Cope’s daughter Lady Elizabeth Holland and was subsequently renamed in her honour. If you fancy walking in the footsteps of history Holland House was frequented by countless famous people from the past including King Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, Lord Byron, Benjamin Disraeli, and Charles Dickens. 


Unfortunately, during the World War II Blitz much of the house was destroyed by Luftwaffe firebombs leaving only the east wing and, miraculously, most of the library intact. However, Holland House’s academics were not deterred, continuing to study books in the library even before the rubble had been cleared!


Despite the house itself lacking some of the grandeur it had 100 years ago what with most of it being destroyed, the surrounding 54 acres of stunning parkland endure from the Kyoto Gardens to the Holland Park Ecology Centre. 

House Types/ Prices In Holland Park

Holland Park is one of the most attractive areas of London, and for good reason. But with that popularity comes a substantial price tag. There are, however, so many options to choose from, and a browse on Carter Jonas or property markets like Rightmove or Zoopla should give you an idea of what’s available at what price. 



If you’re looking to buy, there are incredible mansions with all the extras (swimming pool, gym, sauna etc.) as well as gorgeous townhouses, often converted into flats or maisonettes. Houses range anywhere from £1 million to upwards of £20 or even £30 million for the more extravagant properties, with anywhere from 3 to 7/8 beds. 


Renting is a good option if you can’t find something to buy (you often have to wait a while for properties to come on the market) and you can rent a studio apartment for around £1,500 per month, or something much more substantial for around £12,500 per month. You are of course paying for the area, but there’s no doubt Holland Park ticks all the location boxes, whatever your budget. 


Holland Park Villa


The area does have a real village feel to it, and a true sense of community but it certainly has its unique quirks too. One of the butchers has regular famous visitors, including business magnate Richard Branson. Niche food shops also sell expensive ingredients like black truffles and foie gras, not something you would find in a typical London grocers.


Newsagents sell international newspapers to accommodate the international population in the area, thought to make up over 50% of all residents. But that eclectic feel is exactly what makes the area what it is. Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a large mansion, if you live in Holland Park you get a taste of its diversity every single day. 

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Jobs/ Economy In Holland Park

Holland Park sits in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea which is one of the most expensive boroughs in the whole of the UK. The fact that it sits within easy distance of Central London and The City adds to this prestige, allowing business executives to easily commute. There are also plenty of transport options to connect you to different areas of the city and country. 


Locally, there are small business opportunities in the most popular sectors of medicine, personal services, retail, business services, property and hospitality. Tourists make up a substantial proportion of the economic activity in the area all year round, especially when events such as the Chelsea Flower Show or Notting Hill Carnival are being held in nearby neighbourhoods. 


Jobs are also available in the park itself, with hospitality jobs at the excellent Belvedere Restaurant and the world-renowned Opera Holland Park. 

Things To Do In Holland Park

Holland Park provides easy access to everything that London has to offer. High-end shopping, incredible sightseeing, mouth-watering food tours, amazing nightlife, beautiful outdoors spaces – what doesn’t London offer?  


However, it is perfectly reasonable to want to stay local to your area, especially if you have a family. And there is plenty on offer in Holland Park, including many of these well-known places and activities: 





The beauty of Holland Park is that the area is so wealthy that independent shops have thrived. Many residents prefer to avoid chain supermarkets and instead shop at independent stores that offer the best of the best in groceries and speciality products. Clarendon Cross is the spot where you will find all of your luxury goods, unique to the area. You can find rare truffles and cheeses, exotic fruits and vegetables, beauty products and fresh, beautiful flowers. Just a few well known sellers in the area are:


Daunt Books for bookworms – 112-114 Holland Park Ave, London W11 4UA

Lidgate Butchers for organic meat and homemade pies – 110 Holland Park Ave, London W11 4UA

Jeroboams for wine and cheese – 96 Holland Park Ave, London W11 3RB

Planet Organic for high-end plant-based produce – 117, 121 Salusbury Rd, London NW6 6RG


Pubs & Bars

There are many lovely pubs and bars in Holland Park, each with their own micro-community and atmosphere. Holland Park Avenue tends to hold the most pubs and bars but there are other places to enjoy a drink dotted around. Gastro pubs provide excellent food and drink whilst modern British restaurant Julie’s provides high quality service and exceptional champagne. Here are 3 of our favourite gastro pubs in the area:


The KPH – 139 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 6HJ

The Mitre – 40 Holland Park Ave, London W11 3QY

The  Elgin – 96 Ladbroke Grove, London W11 1PY


Outdoor Areas

The ground of Holland Park used to be teeming with species of exotic birds. Most were removed in the late Victorian era, and in 2013 the purpose-built Ecology Centre was created to house those that remained. That means you no longer have to compete with a peacock or an emu for a spot on the grass! Two Japanese inspired gardens – the Kyoto Gardens and the more recent Fukushima Memorial Garden – along with outdoor sculptures, tennis courts, and a cricket pitch all make up the beautiful park, all of which is surrounded by tranquil woodlands perfect for an afternoon stroll. 

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Transport In Holland Park




Holland Park has excellent connections to the rest of London via public transport. Its tube station sits on the Central line so you can reach any part of the city fairly quickly – whether it be for business or leisure. You will also have access to the London 24-hour buses. The 31 takes you to Camden, the 148 takes you to White City and the 94 takes you to Piccadilly Circus to name but a few.


If you do have a car, you’ll be able to use the A4 and M4 for a quick route out of London towards Heathrow and the home counties. You can also easily connect to all major routes leading to the rest of the country.


If you are more eco-conscious, then you can walk or cycle from Holland Park. Cycling in particular is a lovely way to travel around the area and you can cycle all the way through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park to Oxford Circus in just 30 minutes.

Schools/Education In Holland Park

Holland Park is known to hold the educational premises that taught many members of the Royal Family and countless MPs so the schools in the area are internationally renowned. Fox Primary and St Clement and St James are popular primary options, and there are even special international schools for international locals, including the Southbank International School. The popular secondary school is the co-ed Holland Park school, which has had the pleasure of educating comedian Omid Djalili and Michael Gove’s son.


Of course, with the close access to the rest of London, schools and universities (such as world renowned LSE, Imperial College and UCL) throughout the capital are within easy reach.  

Moving To Holland Park: Top Tips


Moving to Holland Park is likely to be different to a standard move because you’re moving into a city centre location which has its own special rules regarding parking and congestion charges. However, with good planning and with the right information, you will be able to enjoy as stress free a move as possible. These 3 tips will help your move to Holland Park run as smoothly as possible:


Declutter First

If you are moving to Holland Park you are paying a premium for every single square foot of space. Any clutter you have will be using up precious space that could otherwise be used for living space or storage space for items you love and use on a regular basis. Before you pack, or as you pack, have a serious decluttering session getting rid of things you don’t want, need or use. If there are items you need to or want to keep but you don’t need them in your home, consider some self storage in London as a cost-effective way to add a separate ‘extra room’ to your expensive London home.


Sort Everything Out Early

All the best companies that will help you with your move will be booked well in advance. This is particularly true if you are moving in summer, and if you are hiring from companies in Holland Park because the best companies will be much sought after. Childcare, pet care, drivers, removals companies and any other kinds of help and personal services need to be sourced and booked well in advance.


Research Your Removals Company Well

Your removals company needs to be well acquainted with London and the way it works. Parking charges, restrictions on parking, tolls and where everything is – they need to know it all. A removals company without experience of moving people in and out of London may end up causing you to pay extra charges, or delaying the move. Remember that here at we have that expertise and specialist knowledge and we can collect your  household possessions and transport then to a self storage unit if you are not moving into your new home straight away. Find out more about our storage with collection and delivery service.

Move To Holland Park To Enjoy A Unique Village Feel, All Within 15 Minutes Of Central London


Moving to Holland Park requires a lot of forethought, planning and information to ensure it is as stress-free and successful as it can be. Once you have everything in place, and you have your moving date, you’re sure to live a happy life in this exceptional part of the country. With close proximity to Central London, plenty of open green spaces, and a wonderful friendly community, along with the most amazing unique boutiques and shops, Holland Park makes for a wonderful home for young professionals, families and business men and women alike. 


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