Moving To Kings Cross: A Useful Guide

Find out everything you need to know about living in or moving to Kings Cross, and the many benefits of moving there, as well as plenty of tips on making moving house easier.


Kings Cross used to be the kind of area that was associated with criminal activity and decline. However, a huge injection of cash released to develop the area has vastly improved its appeal. It used to be packed full of empty and dilapidated warehouses, and shady corners where laws would be broken in all manner of ways. Now, it is incredibly desirable, attractive and the hub of London transport taking passengers around London, around the UK and also further afield into other countries.


It is in the middle of Camden and Fitzrovia and lies in the North of London, within easy distance of Regents Park and the centre of London. It began being developed in the 1980’s and is now nearing the end of its development, although it is sure to continue to be developed by land owners and developers as the value of businesses and residences in the area continues to rise.


Those visiting can expect to see all kinds of wonderful changes. Old warehouses are now trendy eateries, there are beautiful modern apartments and offices, food markets and a real presence of youth and trendy Londoners sniffing out the latest new thing.



Professionals make up a lot of those moving through the area, catching trains to Paris, to the City, to various universities.


This newly transformed Kings Cross is definitely up and coming, and ideal for lots of different types of residents. Young professionals, young couples, International business men and women – the area suits many different types of lifestyle.


If you are looking to move to Kings Cross, this useful guide will provide you with plenty of information to help ensure your move is as stress-free and well-planned as possible. But first…


The History Of Kings Cross

Kings Cross history goes back a long way, all the way back to AD60 in fact. It began its life as a village where a huge battle occurred between Boudicca and the Romans. It was even rumoured that the grave of Boudicca was found beneath two of the platforms at Kings Cross Station. This huge battle led the village to its name: Battlebridge. Around 500 years after the battle, some monks arrived from Europe to bring christianity to the UK. They built a church on the exact spot of St Pancras Old Church of today. All the way until the 1800’s the area remained very peaceful. In the 1800’s the canal was built (Regents Canal) and many factories came to be situated by the waterways. During this time, a huge monument was made in honour of King George IV and although it was demolished, the name Kings Cross stayed. Shortly after, Kings Cross station was created, along with St Pancras. This is when lots of activity started to occur in the area as workers came to live to help build the railways. They moved to the area with their families, and continued development around the industries meant that the area thrived for a while.


During the war however, Kings Cross went downhill drastically. There was a lot of prostitution, starving families, beggars, crime and a real sense of danger in the area. Lots of warehouses and buildings were empty so crime found a way in. It remained a bit of a blip on the London landscape for a long time until 1980 when a large injection of cash meant it was to see a really major redevelopment. The scheme is due to be completed in the next few years and it has totally transformed the area. There’s a real buzz about Kings Cross now and its future looks a lot less bleak than its history.

House Types/ Prices in Kings Cross

If you are thinking of moving to London, then Kings Cross has an amazing selection of building types to choose from because its history has been so quickly changing. There are warehouses and factories converted into flats and penthouses, more modern constructions, as well as Victorian properties, and even some properties based on the canal itself.


kings cross converted warehouse apartment


Unfortunately though, the prices of properties are higher than they were because of the incredible regeneration of the area. They are, however, lower than the average in London and rent is also cheaper than nearby areas. You can rent from around £1400 pounds per month. If you want to buy, flats are on average £780,000 and houses are on average £1.2 million, although properties can be bought for as little as £399,000. (Figures from Foxtons.)


Now is still a good time to get on the market if you can though as the area is being developed quickly and stands to become much more desirable as time goes on. Property prices are rising very quickly so if you can afford it and want to live in this area, now is a good time to take the leap.


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Jobs/ Economy In Kings Cross

The development of Kings Cross has done amazing things for the economy in the area, supporting thousands of jobs and adding millions to the economy of the country every single year. Lots of research and studies have been done on the redevelopment, and the results of most studies seem to be exceptionally positive. The regeneration has done nothing but benefit the UK as a whole.


Lots of jobs have been created, from construction jobs to retail jobs, and lots of space for new businesses in new office buildings which are mostly now occupied. Cafes, shops and restaurants in the new retail spaces in the stations support thousands of new employees. New housing schemes also means that there are new residents to come and spend more money in the area.


The area is amazing for businesses offering working space and exceptional connections across London, the rest of the UK and to Europe. There are also plenty of jobs on offer locally, as well as the opportunity for opening businesses within the local area.

Things To Do In Kings Cross

It is important to note that being in Kings Cross affords you the opportunity to travel around pretty much anywhere and enjoy things to do in London, across the UK and even abroad if you feel like hopping on a train, or getting quickly to an airport if you want to. The absolutely amazing transport on offer in Kings Cross means that you can enjoy all kinds of activities very quickly because you can get there easily. However, it is important to recognise that Kings Cross does offer plenty of great activities and places to go without you having to travel anywhere else.



KERB Food Market – Lewis Cubitt Square, London N1C 4BT

Kings Cross has become a bit of a haven for foodies and KERB food market draws in plenty of visitors Wednesday to Friday throughout summer. Street food is a big trend and here you can sample everything you ever wanted to try in the way of different cuisines, food fusions and amazing tasties. This is where the foodies go and if you live here, you can wander in to try something different every week without having to make much effort at all.


Cookies & Scream – 130 Holloway Rd, London N7 8JE

Cookies & Scream is a vegan dessert shop located on Holloway Road, just a few stops from Kings Cross, next to Caledonian Road. It isn’t strictly in Kings Cross, but it is close enough to count as a benefit of living in Kings Cross, and a benefit it certainly is. Without harming animals at all, you can enjoy the most decadent, naughty vegan junk food going. We will see you in the food coma ward after a Blue Moon pie and a Scream Shake.


Other great things to do in Kings Cross, not to mention the Harry Potter 9 and ¾ platform and gift shop (which is a must-do for HP fans) include:


Camley Street Natural Park – 12 Camley St, London N1C 4PW
British Library – 96 Euston Rd, London NW1 2DB
Granary Square, London N1C 4AB


Transport In Kings Cross

It is hard to exactly describe the sheer magnificence of Kings Cross transport connections. Whether you are travelling up North, to the City of London, to Scotland, or going further afield to Europe, or looking to catch a flight at an airport, Kings Cross offers you everything you need to get there.

Moving to Kings Cross

Kings Cross St Pancras has 6 lines enabling you to get directly to many places, or to use connections to get wherever you want to go. It takes less than 10 minutes to get to Central London. Imagine your commute to work being that quick if you lived in Kings Cross? Kings Cross Station offers connections across the country. The Midlands, Scotland and Cornwall are all accessible via Kings Cross Station. If you want to travel more internationally, then the Eurostar is on offer, getting you quickly to various locations in Europe. Euston Station is also nearby offering even more options.


If you are keeping it eco-friendly, then cycling is a great option. There are many cycle routes in and around Kings Cross enabling you to get wherever you want to go via attractive routes and canal paths. This is a great way to travel, keep fit and keep travel costs down.

Moving To Kings Cross

Moving to Kings Cross is not going to be as simple as a standard move across town or even to any other city, simply because it is London. You will need to consider lots of different things and most importantly plan really well. This is to ensure you don’t have to worry about parking fines and gaining access to your property or even the road it is on.


Why not download our printable Moving House Checklist


Working with an experienced removals team is a good idea because they will have knowledge of the area. If you are taking advantage of London self storage to ensure you get the best use of the space in the property you are renting or buying, they may well have their own removals team. If not, they will likely be able to recommend one to you, saving you the trouble of scouting out a good local team to help you move. There is always the option of using a removals company near your current home, and getting them to move your items to a London self storage unit where you can then use a local company there to move you in. This would also afford you time to decorate and renovate the property you have purchased, without having to move furniture around and risk damaging it.


If you’re really struggling to plan your move, there are personal services companies who can help you with lots of things, even packing up for you and decorating your house before your move. It depends on your budget but there are always services to call on if you need them and don’t mind paying the extra cost.

Moving To Kings Cross, A Location With Unrivalled Transport Connections

Kings Cross is a newly renovated and regenerated area that has something to offer anyone who loves London as a whole. When you live in Kings Cross you live in all of London because it is so fast and easy to get anywhere you want. Kings Cross itself is also much more charming and friendly to live in now, and offers all kinds of benefits to all different kinds of residents. Young professionals, jet-setting businessmen and foodies alike are all well-suited to this regenerated, up and coming area.


To move here, plan well and seek professional advice for a stress-free move. Soon enough you will be enjoying week days with an easy commute and weekends sampling the many street food offerings.

Happy Moving!

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