Moving To Hoxton: A Mini Guide

Checkout this mini guide about moving to Hoxton, so if you are considering moving to the area, you get some handy information to help you with the process of decision-making.


Hoxton is in East London and is known for being an incredible part of London, frequented by a huge range of people, from creatives, to young City workers and bohemians alike. You do need to have a fairly well-paying job to live in Hoxton, though, because it’s London and it is well connected. It has an exceptional range of bars, clubs and restaurants amongst other things, too, and many younger workers love being able to go out for the night and walk home with ease.

Why Live In Hoxton?


Hoxton has a lot to offer people who move there, including access to green spaces, restaurants, bars, creative hubs and more. This beautiful area sits in Hackney Borough, an up-and-coming part of London that has a bad reputation, but buying prices are starting to show that it’s no longer the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ area it was once considered to be. It’s actually pretty sought after and offers a bit of bite in what can feel like, at times, a city without a soul.


With it being just to the North of the City area of London, lots of City workers love it as their base. It is also bordered by Regents Canal on the North part, Wharf Road on the West part and Old Street to the South. It is also connected to the two-mile-long bustling strip that is Kingsland Road, to the East, which is full of varied architecture, incredible foodie locations and shops – a scene that is constantly evolving and changing.

Although families do grow up here, you can expect properties to be dominated by City workers and creative, quirky types who enjoy the vibrancy of the area. It’s a really exciting part of London to live in, if you have the means.


Schools In Hoxton


There are a number of great schools in and around Hoxton, including primary and secondary schools. Many primary schools in Hoxton have a rating of Outstanding from Ofsted, including:


  • William Tyndale Primary School
  • Hugh Myddelton Primary School
  • The Cathedral School Of St Saviour And St Mary Overie
  • St Clement Danes CofE Primary School


Many secondary schools in and around Hoxton have a rating of good or outstanding, including:


  • Mossbourne Community Academy
  • The Camden School For Girls
  • Cardinal Pole Catholic School


There are private and public schools locally, with many schools being accessible in and around Hoxton, giving you a large amount of choice if you plan to raise a family in the local area.


Things To Do In Hoxton


Hoxton has a huge range of things you can do when you’re in the area including;


Columbia Road Flower Market


Sunday sees the best of this area on Columbia Road as plant sellers and florists galore take over and delight buyers with all manner of planty, flowery things. You can expect beautiful flower arrangements, bunches, loose flowers and all kinds of gorgeous, often rare houseplants. It’s a lovely place to go to make ‘fronds’ if you’re planty.


Box Park 2-10 Bethnal Grn Rd, London E1 6GY


Box Park is such a fun place to visit because there is always something different to see. It has all kinds of eateries, shops and other retailers looking to sell you their incredible wares.


Hoxton Street Market


Hoxton Street Market is the oldest market in Hackney borough and it has been going since 1687. These days you can enjoy all kinds of accessories, street food vendors and quirky sellers when you enjoy the market, which is usually running everyday of the week.


All Of The Food


Hoxton has endless food choices, from bakeries to vegan eateries, superfood cafes and authentic Italians. There is everything you can imagine, so no matter what you fancy on any day, you can satisfy your cravings in Hoxton.


Victoria Miro 16 Wharf Rd, London N1 7RW


Victoria Miro is a cool art gallery in Hoxton to enjoy a wander around. In fact, the area is exceptionally creative so there are always pop up galleries to see, as well as cool street art that is a lot of fun to checkout and photograph.


Queen Of Hoxton 1 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3JX


Queen Of Hoxton is a famous social hub packed with bars, restaurants and other facilities that are enjoyed by the many who pack the area out on the weekend. If you have found your relocation to be lonely at all, this is a great place to visit so you start to make friends and feel a little less isolated.


Hoxton Self Storage


Self storage is incredibly useful for people living in Hoxton because you can free up space in your home by not having to store everything you own there. Every square foot of purchased or rented property in Hoxton is precious so you can’t be wasting it storing Christmas decorations, sentimental items, hobby items and seasonal clothing. Instead, store it all in London self storage and know it is all safe and secure, all whilst making the most of the space saved in your Hoxton home.

Hoxton Transport


Hoxton has some great transport links. You’re within easy walking reach of Shoreditch, The City and other nearby areas without even having to hail a cab. When it comes to the rail links the East London line is what connects Hoxton to the rest of London, with quick links to New Cross, Dalston Junction and Highbury & Islington. You can also easily get the bus from Hoxton across London, including the 149 which services the area all the way from 11PM to 6AM. For quick Northern Line access, you could walk to Old Street Station instead.


Thinking of driving? Unfortunately, that is one downside of Hoxton. You can drive but Hoxton sits within the ULEZ Zone (Ultra Low Emissions Zone), so although you aren’t within the congestion charging area, if your car doesn’t meet certain emission standards you will get a charge from the ULEZ rules.


Hopefully, after reading this guide you are feeling a little more clued up about the area of Hoxton and what it has to offer. Do visit, spend some time in the area and consider a trial move if you can, utilising London self storage to do so. Hopefully, with all the right information and plenty of exploration of all Hoxton has to offer, you’ll be making an exciting move to this vibrant, trendy part of the capital in the near future.




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