Our off-site archive storage can offer your business:

  • Greater security
  • Lower costs than office space
  • Controlled access
  • Tracking of boxes

Companies and organisations are legally required to retain certain business documentation for many years but as more and more paper documentation is amassed these document archives can take up large areas of expensive office or warehouse space. Storing archived documents on the business premises also poses a security risk if employees have uncontrolled access to confidential data. Storage of archival documents off-site, therefore, offers greater security and reduces costs because off-site self storage is much less expensive than office space or even warehouse space.


So secure self-storage is becoming an increasingly popular option for companies’ document archiving needs. But with standard self-storage the lower costs also mean less convenience when documents need to be retrieved or added to the archives. This is where the service provided by storing.com is different and your business can have lower costs and convenience.


storing.com provides secure off-site archive facilities to free up expensive office space that could be put to better use. We also offer a delivery and collection service every week-day to and from London and surrounding areas. We use our own satellite-tracked vehicles to transport document archives to our secure London storage facilities, and to track delivery of retrieved archive boxes, as required.


A flexible, cheaper alternative to traditional self-storage


Isn’t it time your business reaped the benefits of a well-organised archiving system?

These are some of the services provided by storing.com for archive storage customers:


  • Store your own archive boxes
  • Order archive boxes in sizes to suit your needs
  • Rent space for any size of archive
  • FREE collection for the initial placement in storage*
  • Tracking of archive boxes
  • Daily collections and deliveries by our own vehicles and staff
  • Confidential shredding service at our secure facility


Our dedicated Document Management department handle a wide variety of records, such as:


  • Personnel records
  • Accounts payable invoices
  • Accounts receivable invoices
  • Expense claim forms
  • Customer orders


Off-site Managed Document Archives


If you need someone to manage your document archives we also provide a full off-site managed storage solution for business archives.


storing.com offer efficient, low-cost off site managed storage solutions for organisations of all sizes at our high security premises to enable your business to free up valuable space but also free up valuable resources that could be put to better use.


Our document archiving solution starts by identifying all archive documents and logging them for easy retrieval when required. This process provides reassurance that all necessary documents are readily available to comply with relevant laws and regulations. We can also provide confidential destruction of documents if necessary.


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* FREE collection available for all rentals of 10 sq ft or 35 sq ft storage units for 6 months or more from locations in London, Surrey, Essex, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. For shorter rental periods and all other areas we offer discounted collection rates.