National and international laws and regulations mean that many organisations are required to store certain documents in hard copy form for long periods of time. But there are increasing costs in maintaining document archives in-house so off-site managed storage provides a more cost-effective solution to long term business storage needs, particularly for document archives. provides efficient, low-cost off site managed storage solutions for organisations of all sizes at our high security premises to enable your business to free up valuable space at your own premises and free up resources for more efficient use.


We provide a complete document archiving solution that starts with identifying all archive items and logging them into our computerised tracking system for easy retrieval at a later date. This initial process provides your business with reassurance that all necessary documents are available and can be retrieved easily should they be required to comply with regulations.


We can also date and time stamp all documents when they are returned to you and also provide confidential destruction of documents when necessary. These services provide added security for your business when it comes to legal compliance and confidentiality.


All of our clients have access to their documents through a range of collection and retrieval services. Our satellite-tracked vehicles collect from and deliver to London and the surrounding areas daily from 7am to ensure timely retrieval of documents when required. Using our off-site London storage solutions does not mean you have to compromise when it comes to convenience or security.


A flexible, cheaper alternative to traditional self-storage


The Importance of Effective Document Archiving


Some business documentation may simply be paperwork that needs to be archived due to regulatory requirements but some can be a valuable business asset that helps employees understand the business better, deliver customer satisfaction, streamline processes or reveal opportunities for increasing profits.


But documents are often managed inefficiently and unnecessary documents are retained that have no business benefit. Employees waste time looking for relevant documentation or retrieve the wrong documentation which can have a direct impact on your bottom line. You may even be employing someone just to manage an inefficient document archiving system.


Effective document archiving can be a complex process because businesses can amass hundreds or thousands of different types of documentation over time, which all need to be properly identified, recorded and archived, or securely destroyed, where necessary. Establishing a new off-site document management strategy is the perfect opportunity to remove unnecessary documents from your archives.


Isn’t it time to outsource your document management to the experts?


With an off-site managed storage solution from we can create an effective document archiving strategy that helps your business rather than hindering it.’s complete off-site managed storage solutions are secure, cost-effective and convenient so offer complete peace of mind for all your document archiving needs.


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