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Store with Storing.com and save 60% on your storage costs. We can even collect and deliver back when you need your belongings, saving you the hassle of transporting your belongings yourself.

Our student discount offer applies to universities in London, Surrey, Essex, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. See the table below for all the universities we cover.


Universities where our storage service is available

University of the Arts London
University of Bedfordshire
Brunel University London
University of Buckingham
Buckinghamshire New University
University of Cambridge
Coventry University
De Montfort University
University of East London
University of Hertfordshire
Imperial College London
Kingston University

Birkbeck, University of London
City, University of London
Courtauld Institute of Art
Goldsmiths, University of London
King's College London
London School of Economics
Queen Mary, University of London
Royal Academy of Music
Royal Holloway
University College London
University of Leicester

London Metropolitan University
London South Bank University
Middlesex University
University of Northampton
University of Oxford
Oxford Brookes University
University of Reading
Roehampton University
University of Warwick
University of West London
University of Westminster

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5 Common Student Storage Problems

Students need to move back and forth between home and university. Here we look at common student storage problems and solutions to those issues.



As a student, there’s plenty to be happy about – partying, meeting new people, embracing independence – the list is endless. Unfortunately there are also a fair few unavoidable things that are guaranteed stress, common ones being moving backwards and forwards between homes and what to store where.


To some students, storage means quickly stuffing everything you own into boxes, bin bags and even carrier bags – anything to get it out of sight and out of mind. To others, it might be taking everything back to Mum and Dads over the holidays. In any case it is likely you will relate to these common student storage problems:


Mum And Dad Have Turned Your Room Into A Guest Room

Many parents will leave the room of their child exactly as it is while they go off to university. However, other parents take the opportunity to make use of the room and turn it into something else like a guest room, gym, office, or even an art studio. That leaves your belongings in the loft, shed or garage. If there is no space at your parents’ house for your stuff and you can’t leave it at your student accommodation over summer, you might have to consider cheap self storage. Don’t worry if this is the case, good facilities will have excellent rates, often with minimal contract times as well, so it could be an easier option even if you can store items at your parents’ house, especially if there’s a storage unit nearby.


You Know You Can’t Leave It All At The Student Accommodation

Unfortunately, not everybody gets to live with housemates they love or can trust, and more often than not, you can guarantee anything you leave behind is likely to get used or even damaged.


Somehow You Have Enough Stuff To Fill A Small Home

It is usually only when you are packing your stuff and filling your car that you realise how much random clutter you have accumulated over the year. Various fancy dress outfits, a library’s worth of books, inflatables, novelty glasses – you are packing away a whole catalogue of fun! You only started the year with a kettle, laptop and bedding – what happened? If this is you, it could be time to have a little clearout. Why not have a car boot and make a bit of cash at the same time?


It Turns Out Taking The Stuff Home On The Train Is Not Easy

You might have all the confidence and bravery in the world, and feel your several bags, front rucksack, back rucksack and wheelie suitcase can easily be transported on the train back home – but you get about 5 minutes down the road, sweat dripping down your forehead, legs buckling, and feel as though it would have been easier tackling Everest. If you can’t get a lift back home with your stuff – perhaps you’re a long drive away and your parents won’t or can’t do the round trip, look at cheap self storage nearby, you could even share a unit with a trusted friend and split the cost.


Don’t Worry

Whatever your storage dilemma, don’t worry, there will be a storage solution for you. Look online for what other students near you are doing, talk to friends and your parents, and look at cheap self storage nearby – there will be an option right for you.

Students: Keep Your Belongings Safe During The Holidays

Find out how to keep your belongings safe during the holidays while you go home for a well-earned break.Students discussing how to keep belongings safe


 Going home after working hard all term is a real treat, but what do you do with your belongings whilst you’re not there? You could take them all home, but that seems really impractical. But leaving your things in your accommodation might not be safe, so where can they go?

Self Storage Is A Great Idea For Students

Cheap self storage is a great solution for students looking to keep their belongings safe when they go home.

Some landlords insist you take all your things out of your room or accommodation anyway, but even if they don’t, it makes sense to get them in a safe place so you don’t have to worry about them over the holidays. Transporting everything home can be really tricky too, especially if you get to and from university by public transport.

Self Storage Provides You With Security

Self-storage facilities are made to be as secure as possible and are usually much more secure than any home. CCTV, lighting, security guards, reception and multiple lock points all contribute to the security of a storage unit.


Self Storage Spaces Come In All Shapes And Sizes

You don’t need a huge self storage space if you do not need it. You can rent a space as small as a gym locker if you want to. You could even rent a space with a friend to split costs and to make the most of the space that you do have.

Storage For Students Is Useful All Year Round

Extra space is always useful for students, especially if you go home regularly. It means you have a safe space to store your things any time you go home.

As a student, you have enough to think about as it is without having to worry about the security of your things whilst you go home. Why not contact Storing.com today to get the gift of secure space over the holidays? At the very least you will have somewhere safe to store your things and at most, you’ll have a clean and clear area to utilise as and when you need to all year round.