10 Important Cleaning Tasks To Complete Before Winter

To help your home stay cosy and well-maintained in winter, try to make time for these 10 important cleaning tasks.

Vacuum cleaning carpet

Winter is a wonderful time for hot drinks, all things Halloween, maybe some snow and of course, Christmas! Of course, your house has suffered a lot of neglect as you’ve made the most of summer, which means it’s the perfect time to get stuck in on a winter-ready declutter and clean. To help you get your house as safe, beautiful and winter-ready as possible, here are 10 important cleaning tasks to consider completing before winter:

1.  Seasonal Swap

Many people choose to store seasonal clothing in a cheap self storage unit or spare room so that there is only clothing they use in their wardrobe at any one time. If you do seasonal clothing swaps now is the time to go through each wardrobe and gift, throw, sell or donate items you no longer want or need. Items coming into cheap self storage and going into your wardrobe need cleaning and drying ready for the next few months.

2.  Declutter

Decluttering isn’t just a spring cleaning activity. In fact, it makes sense to do it before winter for two reasons. One is that you will be spending a ton of time indoors so having a cleaner, clearer space is better, Another is that you will likely be bringing lots more new stuff into the house over Halloween and Christmas, so you need to make the space. If you need tips on decluttering, checkout The Minimalists on Youtube.

3.  Check The Pipes

Checking none of your guttering or other outdoor pipes are full of leaves or moss helps to avoid flooding and leaks over the winter.

4.  Check The Roof

A quick visual check of the roof avoids challenging repairs when the weather turns, not to mention the damage to the inside of your house a roof leak can cause.

5.  Get Any Chimneys Serviced

If you have chimneys that are used it is so important to have them serviced before you start using them again over the winter. Be sure to use a qualified company so that you know your chimney is safe before you begin to use it again.

6.  Clean & Store Garden Furniture

Your garden furniture can become waterlogged, mouldy, bleached and rusty over the winter months if it is not protected. If you can, clean it and cover it in a protective cover. Even better, clean and dry it and store it in the garage or your cheap self storage unit for optimum protection.

7.  Vacuum & Check Cheap Self Storage

If you, like many people, don’t visit your self storage unit much over winter, now is a good time to visit, declutter it, clean it and check over everything before locking it up again for a few months.

8.  Tidy The Garden

The garden is likely to get covered in leaves as winter sets in. There will also be seasonal plants dying back, pots and other items no longer needed until next spring, plus overgrowth that requires a cut back. Having a garden tidy ready for winter is a really good idea so it’s in great condition come spring.

9.  Complete Any Paint Touch Ups

Some types of paints struggle to dry in cold temperatures so now is a good time to do some paint touch ups. Ideally, you can do it when you have a few days of dry, sunny weather so it can properly cure before the weather changes properly for the winter months.

10.Wash Anything That Requires Ideal Temperatures To Dry

If you want to deep clean the sofa covers, rugs or blankets ready for the long winter snuggle-fest now is the time to do it before the weather changes.

By following the tips above you can enjoy a clean, safe, comfortable home over the next few months before things warm up again come spring.

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