10 Moving Mistakes To Avoid To Prevent Breakages

Find out the key mistakes to avoid when moving house to prevent breakages and stop your things getting broken so they get to your new place in one piece.

Couple packing carefully to prevent breakages

Moving house is prime time for breaking things, whether it’s the box of plates that wasn’t taped up properly, or the TV that didn’t have enough packaging.

To help you to get your things to your new place in one piece, here are 10 common moving mistakes to avoid:

1. Choosing An Inexperienced Moving Team

If you choose an inexperienced moving team you could find they are more likely to break your things than a team who has moved families many times. Look for great reviews online to find the very best moving companies. If you want professional recommendations, ask your cheap self storage facility who they would advise you use.

2. Keeping Your Things Out During Renovation

If you choose to keep your things out whilst you renovate a home for sale, or so it is ready to move into, you run the risk of your things getting damaged. They could get covered in dust, knocked over or otherwise broken. Instead, consider packing your things and putting them into cheap self storage so your current house, or new house, can be renovated without your belongings getting damaged.

3. Temporarily Moving Items That Have Always Been Safe

Sometimes during a house move we can move items around that have always been safe in their current position. For example, the vase on the high shelf in the living room has never been somewhere the dogs wagging tail, or the kids new dance routine could knock it over. Now, it is in a place that it could be knocked over.

To avoid this mistake, try to always ‘end’ a packing session ensuring all items are packed or put away somewhere safely until you can begin packing again.

4. Rushing Your Packing Process

Are you guilty of shoving a whole drawer into a recycling bag when it comes to packing? Throwing all your ornaments into a box? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It is so easy to rush packing when you are short on time. To avoid having to pack quickly try starting the packing process sooner. It may feel laborious to start months in advance, but you will thank yourself later down the line.

5. Packing The Wrong Items Together

Packing the wrong items together, like books and glass, can lead to damage as more delicate items can be crushed. Try to group items together that will not smash or weigh heavily against each other so they are unlikely to break, especially when being moved or placed in transit.

6. Using Too Little Packaging

Using too little packaging means that you run the risk of delicate items not being protected enough from being bumped around. You don’t have to use items that are expensive, even old clothes, newspaper and towels will do. Although, if you are packing items for long-term storage in a cheap self storage facility, you may want to think more carefully about the packing materials you use.

7. A Lack Of Labelling

If you don’t label items correctly your friends, family members and movers will not know that the items inside are delicate, so they may be more liable to break. Label as heavily as you can to ensure there is no mistaking what is in any particular box or bag.

8. Leaving Items To Move Around In Their Box

If you leave items to move around in their box they can bump against each other and break. Try to fill any gaps inside boxes with extra packing so there is no room for movement.

9. Leaving Items To Move Around In The Car

If you leave boxes to slide around in the car, or topple over inside a van, the items inside can break. Ensure that the boxes are totally secure inside the van or car before you set off on your new journey.

10. Avoiding Item Preparation

Avoiding preparing items for packing is a really easy way to allow them to break. For example; if you don’t disassemble delicate furniture and package it before moving, the legs, top and even cushions can be liable to get knocked and damaged when you move it. If you can disassemble furniture and protect it during a move, it is more likely to stay in great shape.

By following our tips above you can avoid the common moving mistakes that lead to items getting broken during the process of a house move. Soon enough you’ll have all your things in your new place in one piece, ready to start making great memories with your family.



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