5 Tips To Help You Improve Your Home Office Lighting

Great office lighting changes like those below can boost your home office functionality and aesthetic.

A home office

Working from home means cultivating a beautiful and functional office space that boosts your productivity. The quality of lighting in that space plays an important part in this cultivation because when it is done wrong, it can affect your mood, your productivity and even cause you to get headaches and eye problems.

To help you plan your office lighting so that it works well for you, checkout these 5 handy tips:

1. Embrace The Natural Light

Natural light is so important in a working space. When you can get that natural light in, open the curtains and let it flood in. If the light is too much, diffuse it with blinds or window coverings rather than closing the curtains completely. If the window ledge has lots of ornaments or there is furniture in the way, pop it into your cheap self storage unit and prioritise the natural light source. The lighting is more important than a filing unit or dusty ornament taking up space.

2. Ditch The Overhead Lights

Overhead lights can be really intense, they can cause computer glare, headaches and they don’t really make anything look very nice either. Try to instead create ambient light for times that natural light isn’t available. Multiple light sources will give you control over how lit you want the space to be, and they will ensure every space is lit, so there are no shadows. Have a rummage in your cheap self storage unit to see what you can find. That big floor standing light you have been hanging onto in self storage unit finally has a use!

3.Desk Lamps Are Still Useful

Desk lamps may seem a little old fashioned or more suited to a child’s homework desk, but they still have a place in the home office. They are especially useful if you draw or you need to review something closeup. Just one dedicated lamp for very precise tasks can be very useful.

4. Follow Ergonomic Lighting Rules

Ergonomic lighting helps you to have a lighting setup in your office that is safe and prevents issues like eye strain, neck pain and headaches – amongst other problems. If you read an article like the one linked here, you can get some great tips on how to make sure your lighting is designed to keep you as healthy and happy as possible in your home working environment.

5. Create A Lit Corner For Conference Calls

If you have a lot of conference calls it is important to dedicate some lighting to that. As well as ensuring there is nothing embarrassing behind you, making sure it is lit right ensures you can actually be seen in the call. To make sure the lighting is great during your next video meeting try to:

  • Avoid a source of light being behind you, like a window
  • Avoid a source of light right above you
  • Choose a light background
  • Try to have a window facing you, and perhaps an additional light like your desk light as well
  • Record yourself with the lighting you have chosen so you can make adjustments before a proper meeting
  • Consider something like a ring light if you take a lot of calls in the evening or early morning when there isn’t a lot of daylight

It’s Time To Light Your Office Right!

The right lighting in a home office can boost your happiness, productivity and working health so it’s important to spend time getting it right. With our tips above and your dedication, you can have a beautifully lit office that boosts the function and aesthetic of the space.


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