5 Tips To Prepare Your House For A Garden Party

Having a garden party this summer? Don’t forget to prepare the inside of your home!

Garden Party

Often when we hold a garden party the preparation focus goes on the garden rather than the house. This makes sense as most people will be outside in your garden during the event.

However, this can be quite a costly mistake to make when it comes to your home. A lack of preparation can lead to all kinds of problems arising on the big day. To help you prepare your indoor area for your outdoor event, checkout these 10 tips:

1. Clean That Toilet

It should be clear to everyone where the toilet is. If you have more than a handful of people, pop up a sign that shows where the toilet is. You’ll want to put extra toilet roll in there as well because people become more generous with what they use at houses that aren’t their own.

Lastly, clean that room within an inch of its life, there is nothing more off putting at a party than a toilet in bad shape.

2. Put Away Breakables

Wherever it is likely people go in your house, remove the breakables. Ornaments, art, delicate soft furnishings – put them in your spare room. You might also want to pop houseplants in there, especially if you have kids or animals coming over as some plants can be toxic to them.

3. Create Room For Weather Protection

Even if you have a gazebo setup it is worth setting up an area for weather protection inside. You don’t want to stop people coming inside if a downpour starts.

Consider putting all the main furniture into your cheap self storage unit and cover the floor with mats or old rugs. Have some extra seating in there as well in case people need to come in for longer than expected.

4. Have Extra Space For Food & Drink

If your kitchen is small you may want to utilise a side room or even your living room for food and drink. Large parties use up a lot of refreshments, and you don’t want chaos in the kitchen through cramming it all in there. Clear space in your home for food and drink or, pop your garage or shed belongings into your cheap self storage unit use those spaces instead.

5. Smoke Protection

We can use the barbecue or brick oven for longer than usual when we are entertaining for a lot of people. That can mean extra smoke that finds its way into your house and it may leave your furniture, clothes and curtains a little stinky long after the party.

To avoid that burnt smell all over your stuff, put your barbecue and fire pits as far down the garden as you can during the event. You should also ensure all windows and doors that face the garden are kept shut. You may want to pop a little note on any doors leading in and out of the house people will use for the toilet, letting them know to keep the doors shut.

The tips above can help you to get both your outdoor and indoor areas prepared for your big event. By ensuring that everything is ready to go on the big day, you can relax and enjoy yourself with friends and family.