5 Ways To Make More Space At Home

Find out 5 easy ways to create more space in your home easily.

A home with abundant space

Making more space at home is something many people want to do. Whether it is more space for a baby, more space for a home office, or simply getting back space you already have by changing the way you use any particular area – most of us want that extra space and we want it now.

The good news is that there isn’t a need for a new home or a loft conversion to create more space in your house right now. You can reclaim the space you already have with these 5 tips:

1.   Declutter

Surprise surprise, decluttering is on the list, but you knew it would be because, well, it’s the easiest way to make more space at home. Get those bin bags out and start getting rid of all those things you don’t need or want. You could even use a selling site to make money from your unwanted things, too. By the end of your decluttering session you could have more space in your home and some money in your bank too!


2.   Ditch The Projects

So many people have unfinished projects at home that just ‘exist’ and never get sorted out. Those projects can expand and take up space without offering anything more than a stark reminder of how long it’s been since you started the project at hand.

A pile of terrarium equipment, an office desk for the startup you were going to start and didn’t, the tiling in the corner of the bathroom that remains a shrine to Wilko with no tiles fixed – we’ve all done it. Pick that project and either get rid of everything that’s taking up space, or, complete the project and clear up – don’t let that space be sucked up by unfinished business any more.


3.   Invest In Self Storage

Sometimes we need a little external storage for items that take up tons of space in the house. Often, this is seasonal items like camping gear, Christmas decorations, winter coats etc. The big items that serve no purpose most of the year.

Invest in London self storage and remove those items from your home. Let your spare room/ garage/ shed/ living room corner be something functional, a space you can enjoy. With such cheap and flexible contracts London self storage is a great way to make space with ease.


4.   Ditch Furniture

Sometimes we have too much furniture, and it is furniture that takes up a ton of space. Too many bookshelves full of unread books, various side tables that could fit together to make a full table, storage boxes galore covering the floor. These are all furniture pieces you could move into London self storage, give away, or switch for smaller pieces that take up less space. If you are decluttering, you may even find that most of your storage isn’t needed any more because you’ve been buying storage to house clutter, not to house items you actually need.

5.   Tidy Up

Sometimes clothes are crumpled up and stuffed in a drawer, or boxes are filled with items quickly without much thought. Putting items in bags, sorting items into piles, folding things right, and decanting things into smaller containers can actually create a lot more space than you realise. Additionally, vacuum packing can help further your efforts to tidy up and minimise the space that any fabric items take up. Vacuum packing is also a great way to store clothes in London self storage if you decide to invest in a unit.


So, what are you waiting for? Above are five easy ways for you to create space in your home easily. By folding right, utilising London self storage, decluttering and more, you can have a cleaner, more functional house that’s beautiful and enjoyable to be in.

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