6 Common Reasons Pets Hate The Moving Process (and what to do about them)

Find out about why a pet may  with the moving process and how to help minimise their stress.

A per during a move


If your pet seems to be struggling with the moving process, there are lots of reasons this could be happening, and a lot you can do to stop it too. Let’s take a look at 6 common reasons your pet is hating the moving process and what to do about them:

1.  You’re Out Of Routine

Maybe you’re getting up late because you’re up late packing the night before, or you haven’t given your pet walks recently because you have been so bogged down with moving admin. Whatever your reason for throwing your pets routine out of whack, it’s important to get things back to a schedule. For pets, routine helps them feel secure and reassured, so when things are different, they can feel stressed.

2.  You’ve Got Them Around When Things Are Chaotic

New boxes coming into the house, removals men coming and taking things to your budget self storage unit, lots of loud packing sounds – your pet is hearing and seeing a lot of new things and it is all a bit chaotic. This can cause them a lot of stress as they feel uncertain. Try to move them to a ‘safe space’ whenever things are being moved around, or you’re making a lot of noise. On moving day, especially, have them stay at a cattery or kennels, or with a trusted friend or family member.

3.  You’ve Packed All Their Stuff

Pets come with a lot of accessories, and whilst you might be packing their things up ready for moving day, they won’t understand why all their stuff isn’t around any more. Try to ensure they have a basic kit of comforts, including blankets, bedding, bowls and toys to keep them comfortable.

4.  You’re Not There To Give Them Love

If your pet is needy and you’re suddenly out and about sorting out your house move, they may feel a sense of distress at the fact you are not spending as much time with them. Try to make time for petting and playing with them wherever you can as it will help them feel more secure overall.

5.  They Are Picking Up On The Emotions

Moving house is an emotional time full of arguments, stress, worry and sadness. Animals pick up on those emotions, so don’t be surprised if they seem a little different during this time. Where possible, give them lots of reassurance and try to move them out of the room if there is a stressful conversation going on.

6.  They Have Pent Up Energy

If you have noticed your pet acting up during the moving process, it could be because they have pent up energy. If you are not playing with them as much, or they are not getting walked, they could literally be full of energy that they have not had a chance to burn off. Consider a pet service to help with this during the moving process so they have the chance to let off steam if you’re too busy.

By following the tips above, your pet doesn’t have to hate the moving process quite as much. They will feel a little unsettled, which is normal, but with lots of love and support, they can be happily enjoying your new place with you as soon as possible, so the whole family can make memories together including your furry pals!