6 Easy Ways To Keep Your Garden Organised

These handy storage ideas are easy to implement in your garden, for a beautifully organised outdoor space.

A garden that is well cared

Garden organisation is a handy way to avoid your outdoor space turning into the household tip. It’s all too easy to build up clutter, pots and old toys in your outdoor space, which quickly detracts from its aesthetic and can also cause sanitation issues eventually. At the very least, it makes it hard to find what you need to maintain your garden.

The tips we have below are easy to implement so that you can have a tidy outdoor space that looks great, and makes it easy to find what you need. Here are 6 easy ways to keep your garden organised:

1.  Use Indoor Items Outdoors

There is no reason you can’t take inspiration from your indoor space when you organise your outdoor space. Shelves in your garden shed, cupboards and tables in your covered decking space, or veggie basket shelving in your summerhouse are all handy in your outdoor space. The only time you need to treat the furniture is if it’s going to be exposed to the elements.

2.  Utilise A Self Storage Unit

Cheap self storage units are storage spaces held in a secure facility nearby. They can be any size, and usually come at an affordable rate with flexible contract terms. They are ideal for garden or garage items that are seasonal, like tables and chairs, or camping gear. Cheap self storage units are also useful for items you store in your shed, like Christmas decorations, that use up space that could otherwise be handy for tool and seed storage.

3.  Always Consider Hidden Storage

Whether you are building an outdoor seating area from pallets, or you are adding some decking, there is always room to add some storage to your new garden additions. There is always a way to utilise any space below, within, on top or around something. Think creatively and you’ll soon find hidden storage possibilities throughout your outdoor space.

4.  Make The Most Of Vertical Space

Vertical space can be utilised across the garden easily, adding more storage possibilities. Hanging baskets, shelving, hooks and pegs are all useful in decking areas, sheds and covered fenced areas.

5.  A Bin Cover

You can easily create bin covers which hide your wheelie bins for a better aesthetic. The same unit could be extended to create a clever hidden storage area for sweeping brushes and similar tools. You could also create the same kind of cover for a lockbox, which can look a little unattractive as a standalone plastic storage option in an outdoor space.

6.  Combination Items

One really helpful garden storage idea is a combination item that offers two uses. For example, you could use a square or rectangular shaped unit as a bench or chair, and then fill the hollow space within it with logs for the fire, which will also keep it weighed down. The same could be done with a table designed with a hollow space inside to double up as a log store.

The tips above can help you tidy up your garden for a more minimalist, chic and organised outdoor space. With everything stored away, you then get to make the most of this natural square footage for family time, parties and more.



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