6 Handy Tips To Help You Keep Your Holiday Home Tidy

Read about how to keep your holiday home neat and tidy so it’s ready to enjoy each and every visit.

An English holiday home

Yay! It’s time to go on holiday to your holiday home! The car is packed, the kids are excited, you get to your cottage and… oh no… it’s a total mess. Nobody broke in, you just forgot to get it tidy last visit.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It is so easy to enjoy a holiday home for all the fun they bring without having the time to get them all neat again before you leave. However, there are benefits to putting that effort in before you leave. Even better, making changes to make it easier to keep the place in great shape will help you even further.

To help you, here are 6 handy tips to help you keep this special place tidy between memory-making trips:

1. Utilise Self Storage

Items like bikes, tennis rackets, Christmas decorations and summer clothes can take up a lot of space in a holiday home, whilst also looking quite messy. Cheap self storage helps you to keep those items safe and secure, whilst also saving space in your holiday home. With a simple visit to the unit you can grab those items for your next trip and the rest of the time they don’t impact the tidiness of your holiday home.

2. Utilise A Housekeeping Service

Housekeeping can be such a handy service to use when you have a holiday home. Somebody who comes in the day before your visit, freshens everything up and tidies everything away – heaven right? It probably wouldn’t cost you too much to have this done either, so it could be an easy win for you if you have a busy schedule.

3. Declutter

Holiday homes get cluttered too, so it is important to have a clear out whenever you get the chance. Maybe next time you give the place a lick of paint, you can declutter at the same time? Sell or donate anything that is in good shape that you no longer want or need. The result will be a place that is easier to keep tidy.

4. Employ Better Functionality

If you can boost the functionality of your holiday home you can make it easier to keep tidy. Areas where clutter seems to build whilst you are there are prime targets. Changing the use of the space, adding more storage, or removing items from the space can help. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix has a lot of tips on functionality that can be really helpful for boosting functionality.

5. Have A Turn Down Routine

A really great way to ensure your holiday home is neat when you get there next trip is to have a turn down routine. Just an hour tidying, putting fresh sheets on the beds and clean towels in the bathroom before you leave will be so helpful next time you visit. You could even get the rest of the family involved. Get the kids to put their toys away, have your partner vacuum. If everybody has their own job in that last hour, the place will be spotless next time you visit.

6. Deal With Issues As They Arise

When you are on holiday you can be distracted by the fun you are having. This can cause you to forget to get a new kettle if it breaks or, leave post in a pile on the table. If you get used to doing very small amendments as you go like replacing broken items and recycling/ throwing away items that you don’t need, you will find there is less mess altogether at the end.

You Can Have A Tidy Holiday Home

You can have a neat and tidy holiday home so you can all make the most of this incredible investment and continue to make new memories in it year on year, clutter-free.




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