6 Luxury Home Office Ideas For Aspirational Working

To surround yourself with a working space that reflects your aspirations, checkout these 6 luxury home office ideas.

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Why not decorate your home office in a way that oozes success and the potential for high achievements? You don’t have to make it, to be surrounded by the kind of items and feel that you’re aspiring to have access to as a given once your career takes off. In fact, giving your home office a luxury touch could help you work better, inspire you and give you a sense of pride in your working life.

 To help you give your home office a luxurious touch for truly aspirational working, here are 6 easy-to-apply ideas:

1. Utilise Fantastic Storage

A luxurious space is not a cluttered space, so excellent storage is a really great change to make to your aspirational office. Decluttering and moving unnecessary items into your cheap self storage unit is a great start. Beautiful, or even better – bespoke storage will then enable you to keep things organised in your working space.

2. Invest In Some Statement Furniture

Rather than your bog standard flat pack pieces, why not invest a little more in your office furniture, with statement pieces? You don’t have to spend a fortune either. You can get many ‘copycat’ pieces that look like their designer originals, giving your office a look of high-flying class and style.

3. Display Your Achievements

If you have a degree, completed a course, had a paper accepted or even made a huge deal – frame it. This could simply be having an invitation to interview that meant a lot to you, or getting an email from a client praising your work – whatever makes you feel validated and inspired – get it up on the wall.

4. Hang Inspiring Art

Next to your framed achievements it is also a great idea to have some beautiful art hanging. We recommend some scenes of nature because those alone are known to boost your mental health. In particular, one large statement piece gives an air of intention, thought and creativity – perfect for an aspirational office.

5. Select Tactile Accessories

Beautiful leather notepads, designer pens and a stunning cork laptop cover are all examples of tactile, luxurious accessories that look and feel higher grade than mismatched ‘function over form’ type items. These kinds of details can make your home office look more together whilst also giving you the kind of inspiring opulence you need in your workspace.

6. Have A Health Focus

The most successful people in the world put their health first because they know that without it, they can’t enjoy the success they create for themselves. Having a healthy office that is decluttered, planty, designed with ergonomics in mind and with cute health features like a water filter or healthy snack basket shows that you’re aiming to look out for number one – the person that is going to get you to success.

“Our aspirations are our possibilities.” – Robert Browning

Decorating your office to be luxurious and aspirational can help you feel inspired and productive everyday you walk into this very special space. The career you wish to have is within your reach, especially if you surround yourself with the kind of luxury you know you’d have access to at the height of success.

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