How to Make A Move To London Easier

Moving or relocating to London? These tips will help you be more prepared so you have the best possible chance of your move to London being a success. Make your life a little bit easier as you get used to one of the best cities in the world…




1. Move During Winter

Winter is a much easier time to move to London because moving services, storage and other services are more readily available making it more likely that you can move on your chosen date. There is also less of a tourist crush with far fewer people around and transport and the roads are less busy overall.

2. Start Getting To Know People Right Away

London can feel like an unfriendly place until you get to know it, but when you’re moving there, you can make some great connections if you put the effort in. Speak to your neighbours, work colleagues, your local shop owners and try getting involved in events in your local community – you’ll make friends in no time.

3. Know The Rules

There may well be extra road charges, restricted parking hours and other problems that come up when you are trying to move into a new place in London. If you use a local moving company they will be aware of all these rules, but if you are moving yourself you’ll need to do the research yourself.

4. Get To Know The Green Spaces

Get to know the green spaces around you such as Regent’s Park, St James’s Park and Hampstead Heath so you don’t get that awful concrete jungle feeling so common with moving to a big city. London has some stunning outdoor spaces to enjoy and they can be a real help when you need some breathing space.

5. Boost Your Storage

Self storage in London is really handy when you live in the city because it allows you to get the most out of the space in your home. You can store hobby items, seasonal items and other belongings that can suck up valuable space in your property. Affordable self storage in London is also really handy for vehicles and hobby items that you perhaps only use at the weekend.

6. Spend Time There Before Moving Day

It is a really great idea to spend some time in your new area before you move. It will help you get to grips with any rules and regulations you need to be aware of, as well as learning about local amenities, schools and other important places.

7. Enjoy Yourself!

There is lots of time to find out about living in London, but in the meantime it is important to enjoy where you have moved to. Make sure you take advantage of all the wonderful food available from street stalls to Michelin starred restaurants and everything in between. Visit famous art galleries and museums like Tate Modern and The British Musuem, listen to live music or see one of the many excellent plays and musicals at world-renowned theatres.

These tips can help make your move to London a little bit easier. Soon enough you’ll be feeling settled and excited about your new place in the big smoke and the amazing adventures you’re about to have.

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