7 Top Tips For Decorating A Small Living Room

Got a small living room? Using these 7 tips you can make the most of the space, for a stylish aesthetic in the room most used by your whole family.

A small living room

 Got a tiny living room? Don’t worry. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise and style and functionality. Find out the best 7 little living room decoration tips to make the most of this much-loved room in your home:

1. The Minimalist Approach

One of the most important things you can do in any small room is ensure it is not filled with clutter and unnecessary furniture. The minimalist approach goes one step beyond simply putting unused furniture into cheap self storage. Instead, it is about being purposeful with the furniture you do choose, and only placing the highest quality furniture you can afford in your home. This promotes a more eco-friendly life, and ensures you only ever have furniture that truly serves you in your living room. You can check out Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things, and The Minimalists: Less Is Now to get more inspiration.

2. White Walls For The Win

White walls can be boring, but not if they are crisp and Swedish in their place in an overall look. In Swedish design they are the perfect backdrop to natural materials, plants and the odd splash of colour. In a smaller living room they also make the space feel larger, brighter and more open.

3. Get Into Those Nooks And Crannies

For the weird angles in your living room there’s a purpose. Instead of trying to cover it over, or ignoring it, make it a highlight. Place a bespoke shelf in there, or fill it with a bright colour or interesting wallpaper. Doing this can suddenly turn weird angles into features.

4. Layer With Textiles, Not Things

As you are being minimal with the furniture you use, you will want to add interest and layers with textiles and materials rather than clutter. Think rugs on carpets, multiple cushions of different material, a thick textured throw, a knitted bean bag instead of a footstool – lots of interesting textures that provide comfort, interest and layers.

5. Let The Light In

Natural light will always make any space inviting, and unfortunately, living rooms can often be lacking in it. Draw the curtains back, pop those windowsill clogging ornaments into cheap self storage and let the light flow in. If shrubs outside are blocking the sunshine, get them cut back and enjoy the difference it makes.

6. Keep It Simple

Trying to cram lots of different styles and decor ideas into one space can make it loud and shabby, but not in a good way. Keep your colour scheme really simple, with the odd splash of bold colour amongst natural and neutral tones.

7. Utilise Wall & Ceiling Space

It is important not to overwhelm floor space in a small living room. Instead, try to use shelving, wall hanging hooks and even beams if you have them, for storage. Surfboards stored above the beams and a bike stored on wall hooks can actually make for a very cool aesthetic, whilst also being functional.

The 7 tips above can help you make the most of a smaller living room. Even the tiniest adjustments can make a big impact, especially if the room hasn’t been utilised well for a while. Soon enough, you’ll have a fresher, more simplistic living room space that looks beautiful and serves the whole family well day to day.

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