7 Top Tips For Selling Your Unwanted Belongings Online

Looking to sell your unwanted belongings? It’s a great idea to sell them online, and these 7 tips will help you do that quickly and effectively.

Seller making money from unwanted belongings, online

Are you hoping to sell unwanted items from your garage, cheap self storage unit or home? If you are, we have ten great tips to help you get it done quickly and effectively, clearing your home of clutter and putting some handy cash in your bank.

Here are 7 top tips for selling your unwanted belongings online:

Choose Only Quality Items

Whether you’re pulling furniture from your cheap self storage unit, or thinning out your wardrobe, one thing you should ensure is that the items you are selling are of a high quality. They should work (if they have a function), be clean and if they are branded, they should be the genuine article. All sites protect the buyer more than the seller. Ensuring what you are sending is top quality helps to protect you from complaints.

Take Great Pictures

Blurry, dark, unclear pictures won’t sell your item well. If you want to get top dollar for it you should try taking pictures following these guidelines:

     Always present the item looking its best – free from any dust, straightened out etc

     Take pictures of the item in natural light, with the light facing the item (not behind it where it will cause a silhouette)

     Ensure all sides of the item, including any damage is clearly featured in the images

     Check there isn’t anything extra in the picture that you don’t want to appear on the internet such as a messy room

You can find some more tips on taking photographs of items you want to sell in this handy video.

Take The Time To Write A Detailed Description

The more information (good and bad) that you can give about your item the better. This will help to sell it and also protects you against buyers suggesting you haven’t included vital information about the product.

Reply To Enquiries Quickly

If somebody sends you a question, try to reply as quickly as you can. They could be put off by a late reply, or simply buy another product elsewhere. Speedy replies helps to seal the deal and encourage purchases.

Research What You Are Selling

Check the ‘sold’ listings to check similar items to the one you have sold, so you offer it at a competitive price.

Check The Spelling Of Your Listing Title

If you misspell your listing title people searching for the item with the correct spelling won’t find yours. It’s a common and easy error that can cause you to wonder why there’s no interest in your product. The reason is nobody searching for it can see it because it’s listed under a misspelling.

Make Sure The Item Ends At A Great Time For Buying

Try to ensure your listing doesn’t end at a time that people won’t be looking to buy. Weekdays during regular working hours, the early hours of the morning – any time less people will be browsing. Instead, list any auctions at the weekend in the day to take advantage of buyers who are bored and looking to grab a bargain.

Using the tips above you can enjoy plenty of success selling your belongings online. With a little bit of detail and effort setting up your listing you can sell quickly and for the best price, decluttering your home and boosting your bank balance in the process.

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