7 Ways To Minimise Stress When Working From Home

If you are working from home more, you need to read about these 7 ways to make it less stressful, for a better work/ life balance.

man working from home

The working world has changed forever, and it will continue to change as the pandemic carries on changing life as we know it.

Whether you are one of the 72% of people who want to work remotely moving forward, or the 12% who would love to return back to the office, the fact remains that you may be working from home at least some of the time for a long while yet.

Working from home can be stressful at times, even when things are good.

To help you cope with the challenges of this current work/ life balance, let’s take a look at 7 great ways to minimise stress when working from home:

1. Clarify

Make sure that you maintain great communication with your workplace. It is stressful not knowing what is expected of you, especially when you’re not in the office to go over and ask your line manager.

2. Healthy & Safety

Whether it is neck ache because you’re looking down at your laptop, or banging your toe into your office chair you didn’t pop under the desk, being in pain is stressful! Avoid these issues at home by focusing on the health and safety of your working area as much as you would in the official work office.

3. Get Out, Even If It Is For 10 Minutes

Getting out of the house gives you a bit of time in nature, which is such a great way to get away from the stress of work. Don’t have your phone on and instead take ten minutes to just walk around and get some fresh air.

4. Have Strong Physical Boundaries

Make sure there are strong physical boundaries for your working life at home. This means leaving your working space at night, and entering your working space in the morning, if you can. This will help you to ‘leave work behind’ like you used to with the physical entering and leaving of the office.

5. Have Strong Mental Boundaries

Mentally, it is a great idea to switch notifications off for anything work related. It can be tempting to always keep one toe in the work pool when you’re at home, when in fact for stress control it is more important than ever to maintain those mental boundaries.

6. Create A Special Space

Take pride in creating a special workspace at home. Add some plants, some decor you love, make it comfortable, and know that it is your place to work. This will help you get into that working headspace when you do work, and when you don’t, you can enjoy the rest of the home as it is.

7. Invest In The Right Tech

What is more stressful than having a video conference with terrible internet? Nothing. Invest in better internet, a better laptop and anything else you know will make your work life better. If you can’t afford these improvements but they are making your working day harder, speak to your workplace. At the very least they should give you some leeway on being a bit slower with your work, and at the most they could offer you some better equipment.

Need To Clear Space For A Better Workplace?

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