7 Ways To Win Over A Rude Neighbour

If you’re struggling with a rude neighbour, it could be time to go on the charm offensive and try and get things sorted out. This article has lots of ideas to help you do this.


 Rude neighbours can be rude because you’ve clashed with them in the past, they might have always been frosty, or perhaps they have an issue with you and you don’t know why. The problem with this situation is that neighbours are important and when you don’t get on with them, it can make life a bit of a misery. If you’re at a stalemate and the neighbour continues to be rude, it could be time to go on the charm offensive. That’s right, it could be time to try and win them over so that harmony can once again be restored in your community. To help you get a smile out of Mrs Grumpy at number 5, Here are 7 ways to win over a rude neighbour:

1.  Say Sorry

Some people will hold onto a grudge until you say sorry. There’s no ‘bygones will be bygones’ with these kinds of people. Rip it off quick like a plaster and say sorry, and maybe that will be the end of it and you can all move on.

2.  Send The Kids Round

With your supervision, have the kids make something nice for the neighbour like a cake, or a card and take it round to the neighbour together. This could well soften the neighbour up and is particularly helpful if their gripe is with the noise your kids make.

3.  Correct The Issue

Sometimes you just have to suck it up and take the high road, which can mean compromising and doing something you feel you should not have to do. For example: your neighbour is unhappy with the position of the trampoline because the kids jumping on it impacts on their privacy. Move the trampoline and fix the issue. Or, maybe they consider your garden a bit of an eyesore because there is a lot of clutter. Move the clutter into affordable self storage and take their reason for moaning away. Hopefully, this sorts out the issue and at least shows you are willing to try and sort things out.

4.  Acknowledge Them No Matter What

If the neighbour has always seemed frosty, try and look past it and say hello and smile anyway. Sometimes people can be a little more stern in the face than they really are, and sometimes they can be socially anxious or guarded. With a little more effort on your part, they could be more than happy to get to know you.

5.  Offer Help

If you see your neighbour struggling with their shopping or something else, offer help. It could show you’re a nice person and break the ice.

6.  Take Gifts

Don’t just randomly take any old gift around, but rather, turn up at their door with excess veggies you have grown, or perhaps some plants you are getting rid of you think they might like. It’s thoughtful and shows you think of them as a neighbour.

7.  Offer To Chat

If you keep clashing with your neighbour it could be that one of you needs to back down and suggest a chat. Sometimes constant arguing can lead everyone to get a bit more heated than necessary and communications can break down. If you need help with this, lots of charities and local councils often provide free neighbour mediation to help get things on track in a calm and safe environment.

Hopefully, with any of the actions above you’ll have a chance at making peace with your rude neighbour. Whether you get your garden clutter into affordable self storage to appease their concerns, or you take round extra veggies and get a positive rapport going, hopefully soon enough you’ll stop being neighbours and instead,

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