8 Easy Upcycle Ideas For Your Garden

Looking to boost your garden aesthetic without spending a lot? Checkout these 8 easy upcycle ideas for your garden!

Are you eco-conscious? Would you love to make your garden more beautiful for next to nothing? Checkout these 8 easy upcycle ideas for inspiration:

1. Wheelbarrow Garden Planter

A wheelbarrow garden planter has a cute country cottage appeal, and it stops you adding to landfill by chucking this common garden item in the tip. Simply park up the barrow in an area to suit the plants going in. Fix up any large holes but leave some drainage. Add potting mix, some interesting decor like logs, driftwood or ornaments, then add your plants. We love this idea using strawberries for a boost of aesthetic appeal that gives you delicious fruits too!

2. Broken Pot Succulent Garden

A broken pot succulent garden is a stunning little upcycling project that reuses those broken terracotta pots you have. There are all kinds of designs so be creative. This also makes a fantastic garden gift for somebody you love who enjoys time in their garden.

3. Tyre Planter

You can simply place a tyre into an area of garden on top of soil, then add potting mix and plants for a clever little raised bed. Alternatively, you can checkout this Youtube video which shows you some cute ideas for a tyre planter that is really easy to make.

4. Old Cable Reel Table & Seats

Old cable reels are easy to get hold on on selling sites where people often sell them for £10 to £50 pounds depending on their size. Of course you may well have some in your cheap self storage unit, or garage, if you have a job where they become available.

The larger types look fantastic as garden tables, and you can add your own chairs or some smaller reels as stools. Just remember to varnish the reels to protect them from the weather. Some bright cushions also look great on them, making them look purposeful and modern.

5. Pallet Table

Pallets have so many uses in the garden, so if you have some in your cheap self storage unit, garage or shed, it is time to put them to good use. We personally love them used as a garden table as you can just stack them up, and paint them any colour you like. If you fancy being a bit more creative, there are tutorials for pallet benches, planters and even swings available to try.

6. Washing Up Bowl Pond

Rather than chuck away your old washing up tub, or plastic storage tub, why not create a tiny wildlife haven in your back garden? A mini pond is really easy to make and is perfect for kids to help them enjoy all the insects, birds and pond creatures that will be attracted to it. The RSPB has a great article on how to make a mini-pond easily.

7. Cutlery Wind Chime

Do you have some cutlery you want to get rid of but it feels like a waste? Why not make a cute wind chime out of it? We found this tutorial particularly easy to follow.

8. Plastic Bottle Mini Greenhouse

Do you have a plant that you want to propagate or grow, and you want to keep it moist or warm? A plastic bottle mini greenhouse is an easy solution. Simply:

  • Cut the bottle about two thirds down completely in half.
  • Then cut into the top half of the bottle two inches in, about an inches apart all the way around.
  • Fill the bottom of the bottle with potting soil and your chosen plant or seeds and water them.
  • Then put the top of the bottle on top with the strips folding inside the bottle bottom. You could cut the strips down if needed.
  • Then, tape around the two bottle parts to keep them together. Keeping the bottle top off is a useful way to keep some air circulating.

“Gardening simply does not allow one to be mentally old, because too many hopes and dreams are yet to be realised.” – Allan Armitage

The ideas above have hopefully inspired you to be creative with your garden. Now, you can get upcycling your trash, turning it into treasure and keeping it from landfill that bit longer.

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