8 Packing Tips For An Easy House Move

Get the lowdown on packing your belongings with ease, for a smooth and seamless house move with these packing tips.

Packing tips, couple packing furniture

One of the most laborious aspects of a house move is the packing. It takes such a long time, and if you don’t do it right, you can end up with all kinds of breakages, which doesn’t make for such a great start in your new home. To help you have a much smoother process getting your belongings organised, checkout these 8 packing tips for an easy house move:

1. Use Everything & Anything For Packing

Try not to get hung up on using proper packing boxes for the packing process. You can use pretty much anything as a packing material. You can use plastic tubs, suitcases, holdalls, washing baskets, recycling bags and more to store your things. As long as the item is strong enough to hold contents inside, and it’s clean, it is suitable as a packing receptacle.

2. Use Everything & Anything For Packing Material

As with packing boxes, the same rule applies for packing material. Clean clothes, sheets, tea towels, bath towels, newspaper, old letters, bedding – anything can be used to wrap and protect more vulnerable items.

3. Start Early

This is a common piece of advice when it comes to packing a home, but it really is one of the most important packing tips. The earlier you start packing, the less rushed you will be. Even better, if you can arrange a cheap self storage unit to hold your items, it gives you the chance to slowly empty your home and get it ready for the day you move out. As your cheap self storage unit is secure and without a deadline, it serves as a great middle ground for your belongings during this chaotic process.

4. Enlist Help

Don’t be afraid to have other people help you pack. Most friends and family will be happy to help you, especially with packing, which can be a lot of fun when you go through old items and relive memories.

5. Pay For Professionals

If you are short on time and you can afford a house moving team, it could be worth the cost. Professionals know how to pack your whole house up efficiently, as well as moving everything into your new place for you. It isn’t accessible for everyone, but if it is accessible to you, it could be worth considering.

6. Label Everything

Labelling everything makes it much easier for you to organise the items, and for others to put the items in the right place during the move. The labels don’t have to be anything special. Just a sticky label saying ‘kitchen’ or ‘self storage’ is enough.

7. Group Items Together

If you can group different items together, your moving process will be easier. So kitchen items together in boxes, bathroom items together in boxes and so on. It is also a good idea to use small bags, tape and other accessories to keep small parts like screws, remotes and other things attached to their corresponding units.

8. Stay Safe

Try to avoid hurting yourself in your desire to get everything moved properly. Back strains, stubbed toes and even paper cuts are a problem with a house move, and they could even take you out of the moving process altogether if you’re not careful. Stay safe, lift with your legs and watch where you’re going – things need to be done, but not so quickly you end up hurt in the process.

The tips above can help you get packed up with ease. Soon enough you’ll be in your new home making memories, having enjoyed a better moving process.




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